With Rssie Who Needs Google Reader!



When Google decided to shut down their awesome RSS reader service people were left stranded like a ship without a rudder wondering what to do to get their daily RSS feed fix.  Now on the iPhone the app “Rssie” is one such app that can help take care of that problem.

Rssie is a  straightforward RSS feed reader with some very nice, easy to use features and a simple to understand and easy to use interface. It’s basically 3 screens that users need to interact with and each are simple and easy to use.

The first screen is the “Feeds​” screen that shows all the RSS feeds the user has subscribed to with the app.  Users can subscribe to Facebook as well as twitter feeds in addition to feeds from their favorite websites. The second screen is the screen that shows when a user selects a feed to read.  This like most RSS readers shows a list of posts with one photo that is linked to that post on the website.  The third screen is the “Add a new feed” screen where users can add feeds to their reader.  That’s it and really that is all this app needs.  The screens are clean, easy to understand and use, as well as highly functional.

Speaking of functional lets talk about how the app works.  It works GREAT!  Rssie does everything is says it does in it’s iTunes page and that’s all anyone needs to know to make a decision on this app but I will tell you more about it.  Sure it reads RSS feeds that would be what one would expect from a reader.  It reads them very nicely.  What makes this app exceptional is the way it interacts with Safari.  Any RSS feed link on safari will automatically be added to Rssie with a simple tap on the feed’s link.  I tried this out by searching to Mashable’s RSS feed as well as Gizmodo’s feed and both times I tapped on the link and poof I was taken immediately to Rssie and there was the feed!  Users who like to type in RSS feed address can also do so and the app works the same way.  Another nice feature is the ability to star feed posts and pull them up on Rssie’s stared posts feed screen.  This makes things very easy to find later.  I also like Rssie’s connection to Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes while reading an RSS feed users want to check their Facebook.  The connection to Facebook and Twitter makes checking them very easy to do. ​

Overall I give this app 5 stars for it’s simplicity, ease of use, and high level of functionality.  I highly recommend this to anyone who likes to read RSS feeds on a regular basis! Definitely check it out now!​

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