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Are you ready for some football?

It’s fall  and with fall comes that most manly of all team sports football!  Okay I know europeans will argue Rugby is the most manly of all team sports but this site is based in the USA and we play football so I’m saying it’s FOOTBALL!  Arguments aside I had a chance to check out a cool new app on my site called “WinView Games Ultimate Live Football Predictions”.  The name isn’t exactly one that rolls off the tongue but the app is very entertaining and it may have helped find me a reason to watch a few collage football games this weekend.  I went to a college that didn’t have sports teams so frankly college football never really interested me until now.  WinView UFP, what i’m calling it to make things easier,   is an app where you make predictions about events that will happen in the game.  You can choose your choice of any game that’s currently on the schedule.  Then you pick from a list of predictions “yes” or “no”.  Will they or won’t they happen.  After the game is over the moderators let you know what you got right.  For every right answer you get points you can redeem for cold hard cash!  The app is free, there’s nothing to buy, and nothing to risk.  It’s legal in all 50 states and you can still win money for watching football. I’m not sure what WinView gets out of it but who cares let them worry about that!


User Interface and Functionality

Once the app loads there is a brief title page and then you are taken to the schedule screen.  On the schedule you can see the upcoming games and their dates and times.  When there’s a game that’s open you can click on it and choose open.  This takes you to game’s room itself where you can see the predictions available to be made. There are three different types of rooms. Bronze, Silver, and Gold.  The bronze room’s are free to enter and players can win up to 1000 WinCoins.  The top 3 players in each room win coins.  The top 6 in each room win tickets.  Tickets are used to join higher rooms like Silver and Gold.  The silver room costs 20 tickets to enter but players can win up to 3000 win coins. The gold room costs 60 tickets to enter and the pool of coins is 7000.  Every 1000 can be redeemed for $1 USD.  So if you win 20,000 win coins that’s $20 bucks! You’re not going to get rich from it but it’s still nice to win a few bucks!

Players are given 5000 points for each quarter long contest.  Before each quarter they are shown 5 predictions that can be made. An example of this is “Will the opening drive produce a touchdown?” or “Will the first play be for more than 5 yards?”  Players choose yes or no to these and bet so many of their 5000 points. Once the quarter starts more predictions are shown to you in real time.  It’s basically like being part of the game while watching the game.  Questions for each prediction are either open, pending, or resolved. Only open predictions can be played.  The 1000 point one-shot can be used only once per contest.  It’s pretty cool because it doesn’t use up any of your points.  Once you make a prediction it’s locked in.  Players can expect about 20 predictions per quarter.  For each correct prediction you score points which are shown in the Pending section.  Once the outcome has been determined the prediction is resolved.  Points are determined by the points used multiplier.  For example if you bet 250 points and the multiplier is x2 then you win 250 points, 500 points earned – the 250 you already had to bet = 250 points.  The more you use for a predictions the better your take will be when you win!  At the end of each contest the top score players in each room are awarded WinCoins that can be redeemed for real US currency.  Currently every 1000 WinCoins are equal to $1 in USD.

Screen Shot Gallery

Overall Rating

WinView Ultimate Live Football Predictions is a unique way to watch football.  I found it fun and entertaining to play with.  I wouldn’t necessarily call it a game but I do call it entertainment.  By letting the users immerse themselves in what’s happening on the field it takes watching football to a whole other level.  I highly recommend this app for any football fan with an iPhone.  And from what I understand from their website there’s an Android version too! So everyone gets to play and get more out of the games they watch. I officially give this a five star rating and it’s also one our our featured apps at this time.

Go get it in the app store today!

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