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UpTo is My New Go To Calendar App

When I started using the iPhone I had an iPhone 3G and I had some version of iOS that was prior to iOS 7 that much I know.  I also know that all the versions of iOS before 7 had a calendar that I found functional, easy to use, and for the most part helpful.  Then came iOS 7 and things definitely changed and not all for the better.  The new calendar had some helpful benefits but for the most part I felt is was ugly and very unfriendly to use.  At the time I thought I was going to have to just except it and move on and then I was made aware of a wonderful app called UpTo.  This app so completely eclipsed the iOS calendar app that it was a total no brainer!  UpTo become the only calendar app I use from that day forward.  Let me tell you a few reasons why…


The appearance of this app is so much nicer and warmer feeling than the iOS calendar app.  The screens are clear and easy to understand, the calendar screen has a clearly separated calendar section at the top and an events section at the bottom.  The events all show clearly and are easy to read as well.  Users can scroll through them to find the one they want.  One of the cool features of the UpTo calendar is the fact that users can follow the calendars of other things like TV shows, sports teams, holidays, local events, and so much more.  These items show up in the calendar as a different color so it’s clear to see what is a personal appointment and what is a followed event.  This is so nice because life is more than just dates and appointments.  People like to find ways to remember things and until UpTo they had to make lists or reminders.  Now those are all in one place and they look fantastic.


Pardon me for getting a little emotional here but as far as functionality goes…OMG!!  THIS APP RULES!  Okay sorry about the outburst I’ve composed myself again.  I’ll just say that the functionality of the UpTo app is awesome and the best way to tell you all about it is in a list of things you can track with it:

  • Gmail Calendars
  • iCloud Calendars
  • Exchange Calendars
  • Favorite Sports Team Calendar
  • Special Days Calendar
  • Weather Tracking in Fahrenheit or Celcius for each day.
  • Facebook Events Calendar
  • Facebook Birthday Tracker
  • Us Holiday Tracker
  • TV Show Calendar
  • Netflix Releases Calendar
  • and so many more…

upto calendar app

That’s just the tip of the iceberg people! In the UpTo “Discover” section users can find other events to follow from categories like Most Popular, Lifestyle, Sports, Finance, Music, Horoscopes, Essentials, and the list keeps going from there.  Users can also connect with friends who also use the UpTo app and follow their friends calendars and share things that they want them to see.  There is also a search bar that lets users search for other calendars they may not see on the screen.  It’s incredible the amount of things users can keep track of with the UpTo Calendar app.  Users can also choose to show any of those things on the front or the back calendars.  If they are in the front then users see them as they scroll or when they click on a specific date.   If the events are set in the back then there is a button at the bottom of the calendar screen that lets them show the events in the back.  Tap that same button again and those items hide themselves.  Nice and simple to use just like it’s supposed to be.   User can also use a pinching and spreading finger gesture to show the back calendar events as well.

There’s also an inbox to store calendar follow requests and meeting reminders.  Users can also view the calendar in weekly or monthly view by simply tap and dragging the calendar from weekly to monthly and vice-versa.

Overall this is the Calendar app I was waiting for and I think it will be the one you want to use too.  I highly recommend UpTo to anyone with an iPhone 5 or 5S running iOS 7.  It’s truly a revolutionary extension of the calendar and you really should check it out today!  Go Now!

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