Super Senso Turn Based iOS Action Strategy Game


Super Senso is Super Fun

People who know me know that I play a TON of Clash Royale! I’m so addicted to that game that I think I may need a 12 Step program.  So it’s definitely saying something when another app captures my attention and steals it away from Clash for a day or two.  That is what Super Senso has done since I started playing it.  So keep reading and I’ll tell you more about this awesome game I’ve been playing lately.


Let’s see how would I describe Super Senso’s graphics? They are cartoonish yet futuristic in design.  The game is a deck based game like Clash but the graphics and game play are drastically different.  Each card in your desk has it’s own design characteristics and color vibrance.  There’s cards that have characters that look like robots, some look like weapons, some look like tanks and others look like helicopters. There’s one that looks like a giant meteor flying in from space!  The battle arena is three dimensional and the view can be changed my swiping your finger up or down on the screen slowly. You can get a different perspective for sure.

When you first start up the game you go through a tutorial and then after that every time you start you are on the main screen.  On this screen you see a your Senso.  A Senso is a guardian.  He’s your boss character in fights. We’ll talk more about him in the Gameplay section of the review.  On the main screen there is an experience points meter, a star count, your screen name, a keystone count, and a bytecoin count at the top of the screen.  I’ll talk more about things like keystones and bytecoins later too.  Along the left hand side is an icon menu that takes users from the main battle screen, the deck management screen, the levels screen, and the shop.  Yes this is a freemium game and as such it has a shop like all other freemium games usually do.  Along the right hand side of the screen is a chest indicator.  If you have a chest to open it usually glows. There is also an globe in the bottom righthand corner.  Tap on this and it shows your messages from the games creators about updates and events.   I’m not going to go screen by screen and describe each one because that would take a LONG time and we people have lives.  Suffice it to say that all the screens a vibrant and everything looks create.


Super Senso is a very well built game.  The tutorial is pretty helpful in the beginning and the graphics and sound are great. One issue is the fact that there were some crashes when I first started playing the game.  However a day or two later the developers game out with an update and even sent and apology letter to anyone who had issues. The other issue I have is because it’s such a graphically sophisticated game and game arena it does eat up battery power big time. I’m not sure I can fault the game on this one because as a developer your goal should be to make superior games in every way.  More likely I put the blame on that on Apple and how the device handles high level graphics.

Entertainment Quality

Super Senso is a turn-based action strategy game.  But it’s also a PvP MMO because you are battling other players all over the world.   Each player starts each game with a certain amount of health points for their level. During each turn they will get a set amount of “Senso Gel” for each turn.  Senso Gel is allows each player to place different numbers of backup troops into battle. They types of troops you can play is determined by the deck you build before the game starts.  Players are able to create three different decks but can only play with one deck at a time.  Each turn ends when you run out of gel.  The game goes back and forth this way until one players “Senso Gate” has been destroyed. Once the gate is destroyed the game is over. The winner is the player with the last gate standing.  Besides troops from their deck, each player has a “Guardian” that is like their main protector.   He usually has the most hit points and does the most damage.  You want to use him but also protect him.  Don’t leave him exposed in a battle because if your Senso dies most likely you are going to lose the battle.

Each card in the deck can be upgraded by earning upgrade points. Upgrades are purchased using bytecoins.  The higher the level the more the cost.  Bytecoins can be purchased using keystones.  Keystones are earned through game play and can also be purchased using real money in the shop.  Game chests give upgrade cards and new battle deck cards. These chests can be earned through game play and also purchased in the shop.  Basically keystones and bytecoins are in game currency and must be accumulated to go up in level and power.   You want to go up in level and power to win more and have more fun. I’m sure some players could buy their way to power if they chose to do so but I prefer to earn it through grinding it out. It’s cheaper that way.  However I have been known to spend a few bucks to get from one point to another.  So don’t rule out buying something altogether.  The developers need to make money too ya know!

Gameplay in Super Senso is affected in many ways. Level of cards, types of cards in each deck, and of course player strategy.  This game can turn on a dime from one wrong move! No game is the same as the next because each player’s play style is different as is their deck.  So it’s fun, challenging, and definitely not boring. I have a blast playing this game and I believe you will too!  See the link below to download it to your iOS device today!


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