Spritzr Dating App with a Twist


Not another ordinary dating app

After downloading Spritzr, by a company of the same name, I can tell you that this is not your usual kind of dating app. Oh sure you can find dates with it but with this app you can help find your friends dates too! It’s a dating and matchmaking app.  So read on my friends and I’ll give you the deets!


Fun Interface with Great Functionality

When you first install the app on your device it asks you if you want to be a Dater and a Matchmaker or just a Matchmaker. This way even people who are off the market can find dates for friends who are in the dating pool. If you choose Dater + Matchmaker you need to first create your dating profile. You tell it what gender you are and what gender or genders you are looking for in a date. You also tell it a location by either letting it use the devices GPS or giving it a zip code. Once you do that it goes into a profile setting screen where you can tell it your height, location, birthday, smoker or not, faith, politics, kids, education, school, work, and other “About Me” traits such as “Free Spirit, Foodie, Fitness Freak, etc…”.

If you pick Matchmaker only you don’t ave to fill all that out.  If you are only a match maker then you can look at profiles from the spritz community or connect to your Facebook and look at profiles of your friends from there.  At the top of the Community screen is a photo of a person you would be suggesting for. At the bottom are photos of people you can choose from to suggest.  The photos on the bottom scroll left and right.  If you swipe left on the main photo is shows a new person who you can suggest matches for and a new set of smaller pictures at the bottom show the new people you can suggest for him or her.  It’s pretty simple. To match a person with another simply drag their photo from the bottom of the screen to the picture at the top of the screen. That’s pretty much it! Once you match someone up if both of the parties like one another you get a notification and build up karma points.  I’m not really sure what the point of Karma points are other than a score for how good of a matchmaker you are but maybe someone will tell me after this review is posted.

Screenshot Gallery

Overall Rating

As a matching making and dating app this app is 4 out of 5 stars.  My only knock on it is that it only allows you to connect to one social network.  Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram have been left out of the loop.  I’m not sure why but it seems to be a glaring mistake on the part of the developers of the app.  Other than that I think it is a terrific dating and matchmaking app.  I think anyone who is looking to date or looking to help someone else date would love this app.  Therefore I give it 4 out of 5 stars.

Usually I like to the app store but in this case i’m going to link to the developers website because there is a lot of information about the app there. So get this app for iOS or Android here!

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