Spider Solitaire by Mobilityware for iOS App Review


 Unique Solitaire Game Fun without having to know how to Shuffle Cards!

Today I got my hands on Spider Solitaire by Mobilityware and let me just say that while it didn’t set my hair on fire, it was fun, very nicely designed, and a great time waster for anyone who likes to play the card game solitaire every once in a while.


First of all there’s two modes of game play.  There’s “Random Shuffle” and “Winning Deal”.  Random shuffle is more of the traditional way to play solitaire. Cards are dealt randomly which means that sometimes there is no winning hand.  You may just play until you don’t have any moves left. The other mode is winning deal which guarantees that there is at least one solution to the game.  Another cool factor to consider is that the game can be played with 1 to 4 suits.  Playing with only 1 suit makes the game much easier.  I recommend playing it with one suit if you are a beginner to solitaire.  The goal of the game like any solitaire game is to create stacks of cards in order from ace to king.  So for example the beginning of a stack would be A-2-3-4…and the end would be 10-J-Q-K.  However you don’t need to start a stack of cards with A-2-3.  You could start a stack with 5-6-7 and then later on move that stack to another stack starting with 8 or ending with 4.  Anyway to make a complete stack of Ace to King is still good no matter how it starts.

The game has hints which is nice. Sometimes it’s not obvious where the next move is and the hint button shows the next move that is possible to help solve the game.


If it’s one thing this game has it’s settings galore.  It’s not a bad thing because these settings have a direct affect on how the game is going to be played.  Here’s  few examples.  The game mode section of settings allows users to toggle on or off the Unrestricted Deal setting, Hints, and Unrestricted Undo. It also allows users to choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 suits to play with.  The preferences section allows users to choose screen orientation, tap move on or off, and card highlighting. Users can also change the look of card backs, screen background, card faces, and card spots in the visual style section.  Players can also get a look at the game play rules and tips for winning as well as like the game on Facebook in the information section.

Overall Opinion and Review

This app is great fun! There’s enough variety to keep most people interested, yet there’s enough traditional solitaire game play to make the frequent solitaire player happy.  It looks great. I love the ability to change up the backgrounds and card backs.  Overall I give this app FIVE STARS ALL DAY LONG! I highly recommend it for anyone who likes playing solitaire.

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Spider Solitaire by Mobilityware is a really fun solitaire game. You get get it here:

Spider Solitaire for iOS

Spider Solitaire for Android

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