Seterra Geography iOS Game App


Learn World Geography While Having Fun

One of the things a lot of people in the United States can’t say is that they are knowledgeable on world geography.  Don’t get me wrong there are some people in the U.S. who are just as smart about it as anyone else but I am willing to bet that most people in the United States couldn’t find Istanbul on a map if you asked them to find it.   Hell I think some people might even have trouble finding South Dakota let alone some small country half a world away.  That is why games like Seterra are some good to have.  Not only does Seterra provide a challenging game experience but it also teaches people about world geography as well.

User Interface and Game Play

First let me start out by saying that if you’re looking for high levels of action in this game you best look elsewhere.  It’s not that type of a game. However if you want a game that’s fun, challenging, and highly educational you’ve come to the right place.  Users have a choice of playing the Maps or Flags side of the game. Maps is about world geography and flags is all about flags from all over the world. Once users pick what side they want to play they need to choose a country. Once they pick a country thats where they choose a game.  Examples of this are “The U.S. 50 States”, “The Contiguous US:Rivers”, Europe:Cities, Austria:States, etc…It’s got so many different subject that I simply don’t have time to focus on them all. Once a topic is picked then they decide to learn or play. Learning is obviously a learning session and game play is where players guess that information in front of them and get timed and scored for their answers.

There’s also a settings page where users can turn off sound effects, change the preferred language, share the game, and give feedback. It’s really that simple and that easy to manage.

Overall Rating

Overall I think that app is awesome. I love the fact that it covers so many different topics and that it is extremely easy to use and play. It’s also on of the easiest settings pages I have ever seen on an app. Very simple to manage.  That’s why I gave this app Five Stars all day long!


I highly recommend you get this app in the app store today! 


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