Senditz Android File Sharing App Helps Move Files


senditz file transferSenditz is an Android file sharing app that helps users move files from one place to another with what I would call “no limit” to file size.  Okay there actually is a limit when it comes to file size but I’m thinking most people won’t complain about the 1 terrabyte limit.   So that being said let’s discuss the rest of this app…


Senditz ran perfectly when i tested it out, however there was a slight problem when I tried to send an sms from my Google Nexus.  Since I don’t have a data  plan on my Google Nexus  it  really can’t send SMS messages.  Other than that it ran fine on my nexus.  I was able to send files from my Google Nexus to my account and then download them to my computer from the Senditz website.  Everything ran as expected.

Appearance and Usability

Senditz is not much to look at when it comes to appearance.  It’s a utility app through and through and that’s probably fine more most people.  The screens are clean and do exactly what they are supposed to do.  The send file screen allows users to select files from their device or from a number of senditzonlin accounts like Box and Dropbox.  Users can also grab files from their gallery or music tracks and send them as well.

One of the great things about Senditz is it’s a cross-device platform that allows users to share all kinds of files between devices.  When I tried it I was able to send several varieties of files from the Senditz app on my Google Nexus to my dropbox account.  I was also able to send mp3 files from my tablet to my iPhone without much trouble at all.

One of the things I will say is that at first it might take users a little time to learn how the app works.  The directions aren’t exactly clear and there is no tutorial for the app at all.   I wouldn’t let that stop people from downloading the app and trying it out.


The price of Senditz is free.  So go and get it and try it out.  Let me know what you think of this file sharing android app by posting your comments down below.  You can even rate it for yourself!

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