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Keeps Users Up To Date with Scores, Predictions and Statistics

So lets say you’re a huge soccer fan and you want to keep track of all the live soccer scores going on each day.  Then this is the app for you.  Here is what the app’s website says about it.

ScoreBing covers a bunch of international soccer leagues including:

Premier League, Serie A, Championship, Bundesliga, Europa League, Champions League and Bundesliga.

Cover 211 Countries, 1492 Leagues and 22557 Teams Such as World Cup

They have built an algorithm and data gathering method that allows them to predict all football matches with 1×2, handicap, over unders, corners over unders and accurate analysis of odds from other parties giving them.

User Interface

Now here’s what I say about it.  As far as the proprietary data gathering and algorithm and all the different soccer leagues I don’t know diddly squat about soccer. However what I do know about is apps and how they function based on what they are described to be so that is pretty much what i’m going to comment on. So first let’s talk about the user interface.

When the app first loads you are shown a brief splash screen and then you are shown the “Live” screen.  This shows a list of all the live games going on at that time. It shows you the game the country is being played in, it shows you the score of each game at that moment.  At the top of the page is a bar containing “Live”, “Upcoming”, “Finished”, and “Favorite”.  Each of these goes to a different screen on the app. There is also a settings icon in the upper right hand corner that takes the user to a settings page. There is a filter icon in the top left that allows the user to pick and choose the games they are interested in so they don’t see all the games on the screen at once. It’s definitely a feature you are going to want to use.

Along the bottom of the screen is an icon bar that contains Live, Schedule, Discover, Data, and Me.  Each of these icons takes the user to a different part of the app as well. The Live one for live scores and works in conjunction with the menu buttons at the top. The schedule icon allows users to see the schedule and changes the top menu bar into a searching tool that allows users to see the schedule from before and in advance. Data just shows you a screen with a list of data providers for Continents or Recommended Leagues. Users can tap on one of those and see data from each. The Me Icon takes users to a profile view.  Shows them if they are logged in or not and other things like settings, about us, etc…


I believe the app functions well as far as that fact that it ran flawlessly each time I ran it.  There were no glitches or crashes at all when I was testing it out. It’s graphics were appropriate for the type of app that it is and I believe it definitely does what the app developer say sit does.  It tracks soccer games all over the world in real time. However there were some weird things that I found that kind of annoyed me a little so I thought I would talk about them.

There are also these crazy popups each time somebody in any game scores a goal that are really loud and make a whistle sound. The first time it happened it scared me for a second.  Then it kept happening over and over and over.  I assume this is because the app is tracking so many games at once that there are moments when somebody is scoring a goal somewhere so the pop ups just keep coming. This is great as far as tracking goes but it grows really annoying after a few minutes of listening to dings and whistles and phone buzzes! However there is a solution.  If you tap the settings icon in the upper right hand corner you can find a “Notifications” section that has check boxes for sound, vibration, and pop-up!  You can turn any of these off to eliminate the annoyance. You can also choose alerts for only your favorite teams or something called Double Sword or Corners? There is also a night mode switch to dim the screen if you are in the dark. So bottom line is this eliminates the annoying problem with the loud whistles, pop-ups, and phone vibrations.

I also found each of the apps screens really busy and not easy to understand at first glance. Some things were obvious like country flags and names and scores.  Some things were not.  I would like to see a tutorial or at the very least something that explains what each item on the screen stands for? I assume the “L:” items were the line and but I didn’t know what the “I:” was for.  There’s also a little item with a 0 in it at the bottom right hand side of the each score that I have no idea what that is for? Along the left hand side each game has a number in red.  Since they are all in red and look to be in the 70’s and 80’s I assumed it was the current game temperature down on the field where they are playing but I’m not sure of it. Also each score has a green and white bar that varies in fullness of green to white. I’m assuming this is how much of the game is left to play but I’m not sure of it. There were just far too many unknowns for me to truly understand this app just from downloading it and trying it out on my device without any other outside help.

Overall Usefulness

I think if somebody had enough soccer knowledge and some idea what each of the times on the screen stood for then they would probably find this app very useful.  However for somebody who is more of a casual soccer fan I’m not so sure. For me personally I’ll probably never use the app again after this.  Not because I don’t like it.  Just because I don’t follow soccer and I have no need for it.


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