Running Music Lets You Match Music to your Pace


Walking or Running your music should motivate you

Working out has never been something I looked forward to doing.  If you saw a picture of me or one of my videos you can pretty much tell that I’m NOT really a “workout guy”.  However during those phases when I’m focused on losing weight I usually do a bit of walking  as my workout.  There was a period where I was walking up to 5 miles per day. It was like 10 years ago but so what.  The point is I did the workouts! So during those workouts I tried to listen to music but after a few weeks I got sick of the same old playlist.  It was boring and not very motivating.  Part of the problem was there were times when I was playing songs that didn’t really fit the pace I was keeping at the time.  I could be really chugging away and some slow sappy love song would come on.  Not great for my will to push harder.  I needed something that could keep the music flowing based on how fast I was walking. Now I have an app that does exactly that!

“Running Music” takes the songs in your phones library and evaluates them based on their beats per minute and then puts them in to playlists based on those bpm’s.  It does this using a service called grubBeats.  Grubbing your music saves the tempo of each song so the Running Music app can use it.  So for example you might have songs at 80-90bpm, 100-120bpm, 120-150bpm, etc…. As you walk the app can tell how fast you are walking  and it can adjust your music to match your pace.  The music never stops and keeps you motivated as you walk or run.  I say walk most of the time because I only run when i’m being chased.  I tried running as an exercise once and that was enough to tell me that it’s not for me.  But walking I can do so that is what I do.

Some of the features of Running Music are:

  • free rhythm detection by grubBeats for up to 10 minutes, after that you pay 99 cents to unlock it.
  • songs that match your tempo play automatically, no searching for the right songs
  • vocal coach tells you about changes in rhythm
  • turn songs in each playlist on or off.

The app isn’t setup to use streaming music services yet but I hear they are working on it. However if you have music in your iTunes library you are all set to use this app. Just turn it on, put on your walking/running shoes and get moving to the beats!

To get to know more about the Running Music and grubBeats you can go to: From there you can download the app and get started. Also check out their Facebook page at:

Overall Rating

I give this app 4 out of 5 stars for it’s ingenuity, usefulness, and great looking interface.  The reason I took one point away is because it only works with my iTunes library.  I don’t usually keep songs on my phone because I use Spotify most of the time. If this app worked with Spotify I would give it five stars all day!

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