Rotowire Draft Kit ’17 iOS Fantasy Football Draft App


The Ultimate Fantasy Football Draft Tool


When I first loaded up Draft Kit ’17 I wasn’t sure what to expect.  To be honest I’ve never been on a fantasy football team and honestly haven’t had that much interest in them.  I think I joined one on Yahoo or ESPN back in the day and just let the computer pick my teams. I’m probably the worst fantasy football guy ever.  Even with that being said I have definitely heard of Rotowire, and how they are the top fantasy sports resource, so I knew I should expect a top quality app.  Rotowire basically invented real-time fantasy sports news and player notes back in the 90’s.  I can also appreciate a good app when I see one and Draft Kit ’17 is definitely a rock solid mobile app. First of the look of it. It’s intuitive and easy to understand, even for a novice like me.

When I first loaded it up I was put into what is known as the “cheat sheet”.  This shows you a list of players that are available for the draft. The list is filtered by All, Available, Drafted, My Tiers, Sleepers, Busts, and Rookies.  You can tap and hold a player to put him into a tier or set him as a sleeper or a bust.  You can also filter the list by position such as Offense, Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver, Tight End, Kicker, Team Defense or Individual Defensive Positions as well if turned on in the settings.  This makes it very easy to find just the right players you are looking for.

At the top of the screen is a menu icon in the lefthand corner that takes users to other parts of the app.  Parts such as Depth Charts, Settings, Notes, Articles (where you can see articles about football), Mock Draft, Roster Composition, Draft Grid, Projected Standings, and News (where you can see the latest football news). As you can see there is a ton of functionality in this app and that’s what we’ll get to next.


Being a person that doesn’t do fantasy football some of the stuff in the app was a bit foreign to me.  However as a person who is a football fan I had a decent understanding of what I was looking at.  Fantasy football is a game where people put together football teams of different professional players and then they play games against one another based on the statistics of the players on their team. These stats are put together as the real NFL season goes along and the person who puts together the team with the best stats can usually beat the other players each week.  Each week you win gets your closer to the end goal of winning the season.

The fantasy football competitors can substitute players, trade them, etc…just like in the real NFL.  And of course just like in the real NFL there is a fantasy football Draft at the start of every season. Only in the fantasy football draft people are drafting based on the stats of already existing NFL players and they aren’t drafting unproven college rookies. So that being said Draft Kit ’17 handles that part of the fantasy football experience very well. There are several different draft styles available in Draft Kit ’17 such as “Snake, Straight, 3rd Round Reversal, Custom, and Auction”.

The cheat sheet shows you all the players in an organized manner so when it comes time for draft day it’s much easier to do.  Players can be assigned to a tier or marked as a sleeper or a bust quickly and easily. Updated player info can be downloaded by simply tapping the “update data” button after loading the app. There are icons on the screen to easily mark the players as drafted and also to tell if a player is already on your team or to someone else. During the draft there are different colored boxes indicating that the current pick is now yours, you are on the clock, for a keeper, and for a keeper for “my team”. If you league has keepers then they can be setup in the settings.

Players can edit the settings to match their personal league’s setting by using the settings area in the app. Players can change team names, add or edit teams, change draft order, setup multiple drafts and more. The app supports two different draft styles “drafts” or “auctions”.  Players can also add IDP’s through the settings app if their league uses IDPs.

Scoring can be setup from the settings as well. Offensive scoring for Passing, Rushing, and Receiving Yards can be customized for any number of yards. Also for pass attempts, completions, and incomplete passes.  As well as passing TDs, passing INTs, Sacks Taken, Rush Attempts, Rushing TDs, Receptions, Fumbles Lost and much much more. There are also bonus scoring opportunities that can be setup and then scoring options for certain position players and team scoring as well. It’s crazy the amount of scoring settings someone has as their disposal with this app.

Rotowire has a login / register feature as well.  They allow players to login and import or export their draft information to and from their site. Logging in also allows players to comment on articles shown within the app.

Mock drafts can be done by tapping the menu icon and then tapping the Mock Draft button on the menu.  Also notes can be made by any player at any time by simply tapping on the notes menu item in the menu as well.


Overall I would say for the fantasy football enthusiast this app is incredibly useful. Anyone else who doesn’t do fantasy football would probably not care about it.  But for those that do it’s an awesome tool. That being said I highly recommend it for anyone really into fantasy football who wants help with their drafts.


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