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iphone password managerPicture this. You’re about to log into your 10th website for the day. You know you have an account with them but you just can’t seem to remember the password to log in. Sound familiar? I’m going to bet it does. There are so many websites we interact with on a day to day basis that there’s just no way somebody with a normal memory can remember every single userid and password for every single site they belong to all of the time. So what do you do? Write them down? Use the same userid and password for every site? Put all your ids and password in a spreadsheet? Either of those solutions would work however none of them are very safe security wise. Using the same id and password for everything is what i used to do. That is until somebody hacked my password on one site and then figured out that they could access all my other sites with the same id and password. That was a fun filled couple weeks! I decided recently that i’m going to get serious about my online password security. It’s just too hard for me to remember them all and it needs to be safer than my previous methods. And that’s when i found the Quick Password Manager for my iPhone. It just works!! It’s a really nice iPhone Password Manager that you can download from the app store.

Here’s some of the features you will find in this great little iPhone password manager

  • Secure notes
  • Lock on exit or sleep
  • Export by email
  • Export to Dropbox
  • Import from Dropbox
  • Enter password from detail view
  • Unlimited number of passwords
  • Alphabetized list of passwords
  • Password Search
  • Password Generator

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These features make this a really great and yet simple working iphone password manager. I was looking in the app store for a iphone password manager and there were some that you had to have an account with an online site so the app could store the passwords online. I really didn’t want to have them online. It still seemed risky to me. I know what you’re going to say next. Isn’t having them all in one place risky? Well…i suppose, but it’s password locked to enter and I always have my phone with me everywhere i go. I don’t always know what’s doing on with my online data. So I supposed it’s no more risky than online and in fact is probably a little safer because the phone is always with me.

The interface is clean and very easy to use. The settings are very well spelled out and it does exactly what is says it does. It stores user ids and passwords and it keeps them secure. Plus I saved the best part for last. And that is the price. This app with all that it does is only 99 cents. Yes it’s seriously only 99 cents! Can you believe that? I’ve seen other apps in the app store going to 4.99 and even 9.99 that do less than what this app does. So if you are looking for an iPhone password manager make sure you click the button below and go get your copy today. You’ll probably feel safer and you can make forgetting passwords a thing of the past.
Quick Password Manager - 14773 STONES

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