Plants vs Zombies 2 – Is Free iPhone App Goodness


PVZ Part 2 Take the Freemium Model Game to Another Stratosphere!

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I’ve played many free games that offer in app purchases in my time as an iPhone owner and an app reviewer but never in my life have I had such fun playing one of them.  Oh sure there was the great Candy Crush addiction of 2012 but that was nothing compared to the addiction I have for this game.  Not only is it free but it’s even better than the first one.  More plants, different zombies, more levels, and at a price so nice your accountant will jump for joy!  Rather than typing I think I’m going to do a video and show you what all the fuss is about…

plants vs zombies 2 screenshot

Plant’s vs Zombies 2 Video App Review

…See what I mean?  This game rocks!  It has everything that you remember from the original Plants Vs Zombies and it adds twice as much.  Oh yeah an it’s free to get so it has that going for it too.  In my opinion getting this app is a no brainer if you like playing games on your iOS device.  It’s tough to beat!



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