Plan your Real Home Remodeling Jobs with Kukun


Estimate the Costs, Find Pro’s, and Get Quotes for Remodeling Projects

Today I’m checking out the home remodeling planning app called Kukun.  With this app you can estimate the costs of your project, organize different projects, find pro contractors to work on them, and request quotes for each project.  And if you are a professional in the remodeling trade you can use this app to sign up to get notifications from Kukun for work.

User Interface

When you load the app the first time you are shown a splash screen with the name of the app and the logo.  After that you are taken to what I would call the “home” screen.  On this screen it is separated in 5 parts.  At the top there are two parts named Estimate and My Projects. Near the middle is the “Are you a Pro?” part, and at the bottom is “Find a Pro” and “Request a Quote”.  It’s pretty obvious what each of these parts is for but I’ll go into more detail and the app functionality section.

At the top of this screen is a menu icon and when tapped is opens up a menu with the logo and app name and then it shows you a list of 8 menu options to choose from.  Sign-In, My Projects, Remodeling Calculator, Find a Pro, Request a Quote, Join as Pro, Share App, and Report an Issue.  Again these items are pretty obvious but I’ll talk more about then in just a moment. I also noticed that at the top of this menu it says “Welcome Guest”.  That is because I don’t have a user account and I’m not logged in as a user.  I assume that if I was logged in it would say “Welcome John” or perhaps “Welcome [username]” replacing user name with whatever user name I have chosen. Either way it’s a nice touch.  At the bottom of this menu is says “Know your costs, hire intelligently and manage your project to avoid overruns. A good tip for all users to follow.

App Functionality


When I ran the Kukun app I didn’t notice any problems with it.  It ran as I would expect and didn’t show any signs of bugs or glitches in it’s overall functionality.  Now lets talk about the “Home” screen I mentioned earlier.  The “Estimate” section when tapped takes you to another screen where you chose a room you want an estimate for.  Users can choose from rooms like Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, and more.  There some other more interesting types of room such as “Home Theater” or “Game Room”.  Users can tap to add a room to the estimate and hold down to take one off.  It’s a pretty cool system but I did find it to be a bit tricky on my iPhone 6 Plus.  There were several times where i held the room icon to remove it and it re-selected itself again.  It may have something to do with my iPhone 6 not having 3d touch but i’m not sure.  A better solution would be to have a check box next to each room just in case perhaps.  After choosing a room you need to choose a task such as remove popcorn ceiling or install recessed lighting, etc….Again the same functionality happens here.  Users can choose more than one room and more than one task.  Once the rooms and tasks are chosen users tap continue to provide the scope, what they would like done, and room size of current room.  After that they select a zipcode, choose all work that they want done, and tap continue to see the estimate.  From there they can start the project or configure anothe room.

Find A Pro

The “Find a Pro” screen allows users to find professional contractors based on their address or current zip code.  After the search is made a map comes up with all the contractors near that location and a list can also be seen as well. Users can look at the details of each contractor and see how far they are away from the users location.  There’s also a rating system badge on each contractor.  Most of the ones I’ve seen are either “Stars” or “Credible”.  I’m assuming the idea is to find the “Stars” or “Credible” ones you can trust and afford to work with.  When you click on the detail button of a pro’s listing you are shown a screen with more viable information on that pro such as “Punctuality” and “Quanity” of jobs worked. You can see how many years they’ve been in business, number of projects on record, and the average cost per project. Users can even tap on the Project History button and see a list of projects from the past. Users can also request a quote directly from the pro by tapping the “Request a Quote” button at the bottom of the pro’s detail page.

My Projects

This screen shows a listing of the projects you are getting estimates for and also the ones that are being worked on.  To use this feature you must sign up for a an account with Kukun.  Since I didn’t sign-up for purposes of this review each time I closed the app the projects I created were erased.  I would say creating an account is pretty much a need with this app unless you are looking for just a basic price quote one time and didn’t want to retain the information on the app later.

Request a Quote

This screen allows users to request quotes from pros for projects that have estimates or they can start a new room and or task group and ask for a quote for that. You can also name the quote here too.

Usefulness and Overall Functionality

It’s my opinion that this app would be extremely useful for anyone looking to remodel their home and get quotes on what such a job would cost.  This app would also be good on managing the project and keeping track of multiple projects at once. If you are a home owner or a real estate investor who uses contractors this app would be of definite use for someone like you.  Overall the functionality was very high.  There were no crashes or slow downs in the apps performance when I used it.  My only problem was with the navigation of the app.  Sometimes I found it tough to get back to the first screen to do something else.  I tried a couple different things and nothing seemed to work other than restarting the app.  I also noticed that “Finish” button on the estimate page, once I was on the page that showed the dollar amount, didn’t do anything.


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