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Test Your Personality and Get Along with Anyone

Have you ever wondered why you find some people a joy to be around and then other people you find annoying on a regular basis? Ever wondered why you and your spouse don’t always see eye to eye on things? Perhaps it’s your personality?  Want to find out? Simply download PersonalityMatch Personality Matching App and invite your friend to do the same thing. Take the test and compare the results.  Read on for more info…

User Interface and Functionality

When the app loads the first screen asks users what they would like to do? The choices are “my personality” or “match your personality”.  The first choice is a test of your own personality.  The second choice is a matching of your personality to someone else.  When the users chooses “my personality” it then loads a personality test filled with several multiple choice check box questions.  Things like “You’re waiting in a long line:” do you….a. chat with the person next to you or b. keep your eyes on your phone.  After the test is over it tells you what kind of personality you have.  When I ran the test I was an ENTP – The Visionary.  (Extraverted Intuitive Thinking Perceiving).  Says I’m creating, smart, and charming, value freedom, like to create ideas, hates to be controlled, competent and highly knowledgeable, and innovative and ingenious at problem solving.  I’m not sure if I’m ALL of those things but in most of them it’s pretty accurate.  At the very least it’s flattering haha.

Once users complete their personality test then they can choose match your personality.  This only works if you have friends that you have invited.  If you don’t have any friends on your list yet then it will tell you to invite friends.  As of this writing nobody has accepted my friend request yet.  So currently I’m not able to report on this part of the app.

From the personality test results page users can also tap on career and it will take them to a page that offers them an opportunity to purchase the career path part of the app for $2.99.  Using this users can see their optimal career choices, see the career choices they should avoid, positive and negative work habits, and see your management style. This also will tell you how you are perceived as a colleague or subordinate.

Screen Shot Gallery

Overall Rating

If you are looking for a way to evaluate your personality and see what your friends might see in you as a friend then definitely do check this app out.  It gives users an easy way to test their personality and the personalities of their friends. Overall I highly recommend this app and give it 4 out of 5 stars for it’s ease of use and it’s functionality.

PersonalityMatch is available in the app store today!

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