MyHappy Inspirational Poster Creator App Review


Create Cool Posters to Inspire Others

Today I got a chance to check out the app My Happy on my iPhone.  This app lets you create posters with inspirational quotes combined with artistic templates and art work. Developers say this app is designed to help people create inspirational posters and image art, but I can see it being used to create funny memes as well. Either way I think this is a pretty sweet poster creator app anyone who makes posters will enjoy using.

User Interface and Functionality

When you first open up the app you notice this really cool home screen that has a nifty scrolling grid of completed posters at the top.  At the bottom of the screen is a “Create” and a “Templates” buttons. The create button takes you to a page where you can take a photo to use or open up a photo from the camera roll. The templates button takes you to a really beautifully designed list of template categories. Categories like “Adventure”, “Autumn”, “Birthday”, “Easter”, “Fitness”, and many more.  Each category has a fitting image and title that represents it.  Tap on a template category and up pops a list of template images.

Along the bottom of all the screens is an icon button that has icons for “Happies” received. Basically if other people you know send you posters then they are listed in the happies sections.  Contacts is obviously a list of contacts.  Create takes you to the create screen again, and lastly profile opens up the profile screen where you can share a little bit about yourself including your own photo.

Overall Rating

As a poster and meme creator it’s really great. There’s just enough features to make it a very nice tool and yet it’s simple enough to make it easy to use for almost everyone who downloads it to their device.  My only criticism would be that there’s not enough photo manipulation features to satisfy those power users who might want to do more artistic work on their posters.  However I don’t really see this as a deal breaker because in my opinion simple and quick is better than complex and multi-functional.



My Happy is Available in the App Store Now! [GET THE IOS VERSION HERE]

It’s also available on Android [GET THE ANDROID VERSION HERE]

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