My Teeth All Inclusive Mini App Review



When you have kids teaching them to brush their teeth is extremely important.  Unfortunately not everyone is great at teaching what they know how to do already.  Some parents want to teach their kids but unfortunately the kids don’t want to listen.  Short of scare tactics involving stories of drills and needles it can be a pain to teach your kids how to brush their teeth.  That is where the app My Teeth – All Inclusive might be able to help out.

Available for the iPad and the iPhone the My Teeth All Inclusive app looks fun for kids and it’s just informative enough for adults to see the benefit.  When the app loads users are shown a screen with four kids on it letting parents know that this app is definitely created with kids in mind.  Kids can tap any one of the characters on the screen and they all show the same content.  It’s just shown by the character they chose.  Once in the toothbrush screen they tap start and the on screen character starts brushing.  The brushing commences in 15 second sequences and kids can follow along with each sequence.  It’s a very nice easy paced system if you ask me.  There is a ticking clock sound that goes along with each sequence with background music too.  Users can leave it on or turn it off if it becomes too annoying.   Parents can tap the “How & Why” button to see all the explanations of what the app is teaching.  This way they understand why the app is showing what it’s showing.  Overall I think this app is very informative, fun for kids, and for what it does it gets my highest recommendation.  But don’t take my word for it check it out in the app store for yourself and see what I mean.

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