My Alarm Clock Free for Android App Review


Multi-featured Alarm Clock App for Android Devices

Mobile phones and tablets are wonderful devices that do a great many things. In fact they do so many things, due to the apps that they run, that people have been able to get rid of other household devices because of it.  Once such device is the digital alarm clock.   My mobile phone has been my digital alarm clock for at least 3 years.  Android users can use their devices to wake up too with the app “My Alarm Clock Free” by Apalon Apps.  It’s a free app that offers many features along with the ability to wake you up at your time of choice.  So lets discuss shall we…

User Interface and Functionality

First of all I must say that the visuals on this app are gorgeous.  It’s a lovely blue on black digital clock face that is clean and very easy to read. It shows the time in several different formats including 12 hour and 24 hour.  It also shows the current day as well.  If you have the settings set right you can also see the weather and the next upcoming alarm.  It really is  a very nice easy to understand interface.

Their are many features on this app that most people don’t realize at first glance.  Features that make this app special such as : Waking to sounds or music, unlimited alarm support, background alarm support (alarm even if apps not running), non-stop alarm (music goes until you stop or snooze it), sleep timer, nightstand mode (bedside clock mode).

Some of the other nice features include: Designer clock faces, clock widgets, weather information, LED camera light flash capability to have extra waking power, and location to show the local weather. When I first ran this it asked me for camera and location permission and I was definitely curious as to why it asked.  Once I saw the camera flash and weather I understood.

Overall Rating and Google Play Store Rating

When looking up the app in the play store it has a 4.3 rating and I would also give it a rating of four stars as well.  I would give it five stars if it has a few more bells and whistles but nobody is perfect.  Overall I really like this app and I would highly recommend it for anyone looking to let their android phone or tablet wake them up in the morning!

Screen Shot Gallery

You can get “My Alarm Clock Free” in the Google Play Store Today!

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