MultiTimer 2.0 is NOT your typical iOS Timer App


A timer app with a little something extra

When the iPhone was first released one of the main apps that came with it was the clock app.  Inside the clock app there is a world clock, a local clock, a stop watch, and a timer.  Apple felt it was important enough to give users of the iPhone a timer and I must say that I agree with them.  People use timers for all sorts of things. Cooking, working, running, walking, exercising, just simply waiting to see how long something takes.  A timer is a useful app to have! So what would happen if you took that usefulness to the next level? Read on and lets find out…


User Interface and Functionality 

When the app first loads it gives you a matrix of timers in 2×3 layout.  Each timer has it’s own color and description.  The timers are for Exercise, Rest, Meditation, Break, Eggs, and Run.  Each of these timers is set for a different time length.  There are two version of the MultiTimers 2.0 app.  A screen of timers is called a “workspace”.  From the configuration page users can modify workspaces and add multiple ones.  Users can switch between workspaces by swiping from left to right  or right to left near the bottom of the screen.  Users can configure each timers label, sound, time length, icon, and color code.  There is a basic and a pro version. The basic version is free and the pro version can be upgraded to through in app purchase for $2.99.  The pro version allows users to customize their workspaces and operated using multiple workspaces at the same time.

Some other features that I’ve been told by the developer that are coming in the future to pro version users are:

  • adding themes
  • extra timer sounds
  • various grids of timers
  • stopwatches
  • workspace deep customization
  • voiceovers
  • advanced today widgets
  • timers reordering
  • 3D touch app icon
  • Timer search
  • and many more!!

Overall Rating

Overall I think MultiTimers 2.0 is a very handy app to have for anyone who needs to use multiple timers at one time.  Here’s some of the examples the developers give on their iTunes app page that I think gives you the idea:

  • Home cooks, chefs and bakers set timers for marinating, basting, broiling, straining – for each dish in the oven or on the stove so that the dishes don’t lose their delicious exclusivity.
  • Fitness enthusiasts trying to track work and rest periods during high intensity training.
  • Teachers using timers to track timer of different groups of students at one time.
  • Chess tournaments
  • Musicians use it to organize battles with clearly defined period for a participant performance.

I’m sure there’s more uses too but these are just a few to mention.  The app works as the developers say it does and it looks great too.  I highly recommend this app and I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Gallery of Screen Shots

Overall Rating:

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