MotorMouth Puts Users Voices On The Map


motor mouth home screenLike a place you are at? Why not tell others about it?

Have you ever been to a place while on the road that was so cool you wanted to tell others about it? Has a restaurant ever had such great food you wanted to spread the news so others could see what the fuss was all about?  Well MotorMouth is an app that simply and easily lets users do those things.  Lets Discuss…

Motor Mouth gives users the ability to place little geographically tagged recordings on a map for other Motor Mouth users to find during their travels.  So lets say you are driving across the state of Texas and you find the best little “hole in the wall” barbecue joint in the state!  Motor Mouth lets users hit record, say a few words, and then it locks in that recording based on your geographical location.  Now anytime anyone uses the application your recording will be there to tell them all about the great place you found.

The screens in motor mouth are simple and easy to understand.  Once a user loads the app they can hit the find button in the lower right hand corner to find their location on the map.  Once they are found the user can place a recording by tapping the microphone button in the top middle of the screen.  Once users hit record the app starts recording their voice.  After the recording is complete users have the ability to save it to the map as well as upload it to Facebook and Twitter.

Users can also hit the play button to listen to other recordings as they were recorded.

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