Mobile Apps for the Constant Traveler


Traveling can be really stressful at times and no matter how long you plan your trip, there is always something that you forget to include in your itinerary or luggage. These things may appear minor but they can turn your dream holiday into a nightmare.


“You don’t need a smartphone to travel the globe, but having one can come in pretty handy in places and situations you aren’t familiar with. They can translate speech, signage, convert currencies, and the list goes on. There are a lot of variables that go into international telephony. Radio frequencies, incompatible cellular technology, and the raw availability of coverage.” (Evan Rodgers)

Luckily, there are innumerable mobile apps out there that can help you during your travels and make your experience better. After all, there is some sort of peace knowing that you have something that can help you right in your pocket, right? After scouring the internet for helpful apps, here is a list of those which will be beneficial for you when traveling.

TripAdvisor Offline City Guides

Add the Offline City Guides app by TripAdvisor LLC to your Android device for free, and have access to information about your favorite city in just one click. The TripAdvisor Offline City Guides app is designed to help travelers of all kinds to plan and have the perfect trip. It features guides on hotels, restaurants, and attractions, among others. You can use it offline, which means you will never have a problem with roaming charges. The app is also automatically updated when any new cities are added. The city guides in this app by TripAdvisor cover a lot of cities and towns that may very well be in your list of dream destinations and also features guides for other cities throughout the world.


Call a Taxi PRO

If you are looking for an app that allows you to book a cab wherever in the world you may be without having to call an operator then the Call a Taxi PRO application is for you. Call a Taxi features thousands of taxis in major cities around the globe and even in some of the most remote regions in Europe. It also comes with other useful features for travelers including automatic GPS localization, immediate and advance booking, fare calculator, and much more.


Flight Track

Traveling is almost always synonymous with flying. Although some people prefer long drives, going on a commercial flight remains to be the most common and reasonable means of transportation especially when you are traveling to a place that is oceans away. On the other hand, delayed flights, canceled flights, and switching aircraft are just some of the most common dilemmas flyers usually have to deal with and it can really get frustrating at times. Fortunately, there is Flight Track which you can easily download on your smartphone or tablet. With Flight Track, you can monitor thousands of international flights complete with all the necessary information such as departure gates, cancellation notices or delays. It also features zoomable maps you might even have fun exploring.


XE Currency Pro

Spending comes with traveling yet some travelers often overlook the importance of carrying cash in the currency of the country they are traveling to. If in any case you find yourself in a foreign land and in need of converting your cash, make sure you have XE Currency on your smartphone. Aside from being a free app, this application enables you to get accurate and live currency rates.

With just a few of these apps, there will no excuse for you not to travel and see the world. If you start feeling a little homesick, all you have to do is find a Wi-Fi hotspot and call your loved ones with your VoIP app.

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