Medieval Escape Game Castle Breakout for iOS


Castle Breakout is a multiple level room escape game the puts players inside of a castle but doesn’t tell them how to break out. That is unless they ask for help.  You see this game can be played the hard way (without tips) or the not so hard way (with tips).  It’s really a nice escape room game that has some nifty ways to give players help when they need it.


The graphics of Castle Breakout are excellent. The 3D features are pretty realistic and the comics that tell the store are extremely well drawn and well designed. They also make a game like this just a little more interesting in my opinion.  The comics are also a bit of a tutorial without being completely obvious that they are a tutorial.  Like for instance one of the pages of the comics one character says something like, “So I’ve got to escape the castle using the puzzle pieces in each room.”  This lets the user know what they need to do but does it in a story like way.  It also talks about hints and other such things as well.  The rooms are well drawn and the textures are very realistic, even the fire looks like…well…FIRE!  Great graphics indeed!

Game Play

So once the game starts you can play as an expert or a beginner.  If you should choose beginner the game gives you more hints along the way at the start of the game.  It tells you about the controls and how to play the game. It’s like a tutorial after the tutorial if you ask me. I think this is really helpful for newbies who have never played before. A very nice touch! The bottom of the screen has two arrows. One in the left hand corner and one in the right. These arrows take you to other connected rooms. There is also a shield icon on the bottom of the screen in the middle. This brings up the hints available to you. There is a snake hint which literally draws a snake that shows you what to do next. It creates a snake of green mist that tells you what part of the screen to touch next.  Also on the hint menu are actual hints that shows a guy holding up a sign. There’s also a key area and a video camera for recording things.

The goal of the game is to get through as many of the 10 levels as you can using the clues and hints that can be found throughout each of the rooms on each level.  One of the nice things I found about this game is players can start and stop as they need to. You can try solving each level, take a break to go to work or run an errand and then pick up right where you left off later in the day.

The music is original and it’s based of a medieval style of music so it feels authentic and definitely adds to the immersion of the game play. It’s not too loud and obnoxious either.  It’s literally perfect for the style of this game.

Entertainment Quality

I think Castle Breakout is a highly entertaining game for those folks out there who love to solve puzzles. It might even be great for smaller children as well because of all the hints provided to the players as they play the game. It’s graphics and music are on point and I wouldn’t change a thing about them.

Overall I highly recommend this game and hope you all go out and try it out in the near future. Best of all the game is free and that’s something you gotta love! Go check it out today!


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