LeaderTask To Do List and Task Manager App


A multi-functional Task Manager App for iOS

Business owners and people in general are always looking for way to manage tasks and maintain to do lists. One such app that will help you with both of those tasks is an app called LeaderTask.  LeaderTask is a simple and convenient service to help you manage tasks with your iPhone.  There are also versions made for Windows, Mac and Android as well. Read on and I’ll tell you more about the LeaderTask Organizer app.

The user interface is clean and very intuitive.  Users may have a bit of a learning curve getting to know all the features of LeaderTask since it is to feature rich, but it shouldn’t take them long to understand all that it has to offer. When the app loads it starts by loading the first project’s tasks page.  This page shows you all the tasks associated with that project.  Users can add or delete items for that task from this page. In the upper left hand corner of the page is a three line menu icon.  If you tap on that icon you will see the current month’s calendar and a list of menu items under it for “Today, In, Overdue, Projects, and Tags.”  You can see tasks slated for today, overdue tasks, projects with tasks underneath them, and tags with tasks they represent simply by tapping on an item in this menu. Each of the screens for each of these items is pretty much the same. A standard list of items.  Each item can be moved up or down to signify priority, also each item can be color coded to match a color coding scheme of your choosing. Also by clicking on the top of the page you can hide completed tasks, sort them by term or color.  You can also turn off sorting altogether.

LeaderTask is secure as well. Users can set up a password that can be asked upon launch of the app. In the settings screen users can turn a bunch of the apps features on or off. Features like Strike through completed tasks, Drag-n-Drop tasks, Show folder of unread tasks and Show tags in the navigator.  From the settings screen users can see the current projets, tags, colors, contact groups, contacts, and staff.

The app developers believe that there a multiple benefits to this app. Some of those benefits are:

  • Keeping your task in order
  • More free time with friends and family
  • Personal productivity increased
  • Able to manage more products at one time
  • Speed up goal achievements
  • Get rid of stress connected with a great number of tasks


Overall Rating

So here’s the thing. This is a business app for the most part but it’s also a helpful organization app. If you aren’t in business but you have a list of tasks that you want to keep organized then this app may just be one you are looking for to help you keep your tasks organized. I would highly recommend it for anyone just needing more organization in their life.

This link is also found in the app store link listed below.  But definitely check out the LeaderTask app today to help better manage your to do lists and your daily tasks!

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