Kluchi is a Unique Puzzle Game for 2017


A Fun But Challenging Puzzle Game

Kluchi is a fun yet challenging puzzle game for iOS. It’s definitely different that a lot of the puzzle games I’ve played and that being the case it was challenging to play at first but after playing it, I got the hang of it and had some fun. However I think there are a few things that could be improved that I hope the developer can implement for the future.  In a way I think that some of the things that make this game unique and good could also be the exact same reasons some might not choose to play it.  Read on and I’ll go into more detail.


The visuals for Kluchi are fine in my opinion.  The game is meant to be a puzzle game, a brain teaser if you will.  That being the case the visuals aren’t as important as the game play and functionality of the game.  I like that fact that there’s only two screens it keeps things simple.  The one thing I would say is that not everyone is going to understand the icons on the screen so maybe the dev team could add some text to some of them or a help section or a key explaining them.  I can recall one such case where I tapped on something and ended up in the app store because I didn’t know what I was tapping. Kind of Frustrating to say the least.  The game should be the puzzle not the game functionality itself.


This game played flawlessly while I was testing it. All the screens functioned as expected and there were no crashes or glitches. The only problems I had were not knowing what I was doing at first and that could be easily remedied by an on screen tutorial at the start of the game. Other than that the functionality was perfect.

Entertainment Quality

I would say that while I was entertained by Kluchi I wasn’t blown away.  I had fun trying to solve the puzzles but I was frustrated by the lack of a tutorial at the beginning of the game.  The developer who asked me to review this game told me about a previous review he had on his Google drive that I could look at for instructions on how to play the game.  It was definitely helpful once I decided to check it out.  However I wanted to experience the game how everyone else would experience it when they downloaded it from the app store. They wouldn’t have access to the developer’s Google drive account so I didn’t want to taint my experience by looking at it right away. What I found was that there is definitely a learning curve to playing the game without a tutorial to help out. It was a challenge but I did figure out some things on my own at first. That isn’t the best first impression and I fear that a lot of people would end up taking a pass on it something else. Not everybody wants to work to be entertained.

I later read the developers information and learned more game play tricks I didn’t know and that made the game easier to play and much more fun. These are things that all should be shown in an on screen tutorial so everyone can start playing right away.  Something like a transparent overlay on each of the icons would help. Or do like most games do and make the first level a hand held tutorial.  Either way that would go a long way to making this game more enjoyable in my opinion.

Overall I think this game is fun but it might be too challenging for the casual game player.  People who like games like “1024” or brain teaser apps should find this game fun.  I’m not so sure about those into Candy Crush or Cut the Rope.  The game is free so there’s no reason anyone shouldn’t give it a try.  So go check out Kluchi by clicking the app store link below the review in the grey section.


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