Hidden Egg Hunt is an Easter Egg Hunt on your iPhone


Since today is Easter I thought it was appropriate to find a cool Easter app to help celebrate the holiday. What better way to celebrate Easter than with a good old fashioned egg hunt. Okay this is more like the egg hunt of the future. The eggs and the hunt are all digital. But it’s still fun. Hidden Egg Hunt lets users find eggs in screens where they are hidden amongst other items like ducks, bunnies, trees, and other items. The game screens remind me of “Where’s Waldo” in the way they are so full of items. The eggs are each worth different point amounts and some are harder to find than others. Eggs come in different shapes and colors as well. There are power ups to give users more time and other types of power ups that are available through in app purchase as well.

The only negative I see is the plentiful amount of ads that run when you are playing. This is a free app and the developer needs to make it up someplace. I don’t normally have a problem with the ads but sometimes they can become annoying especially to little kids who get confused by them easily.

This game is safe for people of all ages and it is a nice diversion for kids after they are done gorging on chocolate bunnies and jelly beans. I say go check it out and see what you think.

Get it in the app store today!

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