Fuel Burner iPhone Puzzle Game App Review


One of the great things about smartphones is the apps that people create.  It never ceases to amaze me what some people think up and develop.  In fact I’ll bet there are more apps that are being used today that came from discussions that started like “you what would be fun…” or “wouldn’t it be cool if…”.  It’s my opinion that Fuel Burner is one such app.  I can’t be sure because I never asked the developer how he came up with the idea but it’s unique, it’s fun, it’s addicting and challenging.

Game Play

Fuel burner is a puzzle app where the player controls a set of helicopters.  To complete each level the player must move each helicopter to a helipad.  Each one has a set number of fuel units.  Moving from one spot to the next burns one unit of fuel.  Users must get each copter to a helipad that hasn’t been used, within the number of turns it takes to burn all of the fuel their copter has available.  So for instance, on the first level each helicopter has 2 units of fuel.  Players would tap a building next to where the helicopter starts from and it moves one time and burns one unit.  If the player taps another building the copter moves one more time but is now out of fuel and cannot move to the helipad. This is bad.  If the player moved the copter only once and then tapped on a helipad then the copter would burn all of its fuel and land safely on the helipad. This is good.  Another rule is helicopters cannot retrace the path they have just come from.  Users must keep moving to spaces they have not been before.  If a user runs out of power they can earn more power ups by sharing the app on Facebook and Twitter.  Power ups give you one more move. I tested this and it’s unlimited in it’s functionality as of the writing of this app.  So I suppose a user could share the app multiple times and get a bunch of power ups.  However this might annoy your friends on social media so I would do so sparingly to save them the aggravation.

Fuel Burner comes in three different levels. Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert.  On the beginner level users can take as long as they want to finish a level, intermediate level users get 5 minutes to finish and in the expert level users get 3 minutes.  This game becomes a lot more difficult when you have a time limit your up against.


Unfortunately I was not all that impressed by the graphics of Fuel Burner.  It’s not that it’s bad it’s just not that exciting.  The logo itself is good but the game screen looks like somebody to a photo a monopoly board and then drew it for this game.  It’s functional but it’s kind of boring and I wonder if it will cause some people to get bored with the game after a while.  Luckily for the developers, the game play of the game itself makes up for the lack of interface design so it wouldn’t stop me from recommending this app to others who like puzzle games.  It’s fun just not that pretty to look at.

Other issues

The power up functionality is nice but the use of power ups is annoying.  Only letting users use one power up at a time kind of gets old fast. Especially when paired with that really annoying alarm sound that plays when you run out of power.  If I were the developers I would come up with a more subtle sound and ditch the notification popup.  Try to make it look more like its part of the game.  It takes away from the immersion of the game play.

Overall I give this app 3.5 stars based on it’s fun, addicting game play.  I took away stars for graphics and the annoying power up popup functionality.  I definitely recommend this app to anyone who likes puzzle apps. I think they would like it too.

You should also like this app on Facebook for future update information: https://www.facebook.com/FuelBurnerthegame

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