Flowkey Learn Piano with Your iOS Device


Learn to play Piano by learning to play your favorite songs



The flowKey user interface is a think of beauty.  It’s design is very easy to navigate and highly intuitive.  At the bottom are 4 icons for Songs, Search, MySongs, and Courses. Each of these goes to a corresponding page for the same topic. Songs goes to a songs page where you can find songs to play.  Some are free and some are pay to play. Search goes a screen where you can search for songs to play. MySongs is a page where users can save their songs that they downloaded. Courses is a page that has the many different courses users can train on to learn how to play piano.


The overall functionality of the app works great and for the most part is similar to any music app you have ever used on an iOS device. I’m not going to go into that part of the app because it would be boring and redundant.  The part of the functionality that really matters with flowKey is the piano teaching part.  This is the coolest part and what most people really care to know about anyways. Once you have chosen a song to learn you tap the “Learn Song” button to begin learning how to play that song. At this point you are shown a screen with a piano keyboard at the top and music notes at the bottom. Also at the top is the Learn Song link.  Tap that and you are shown a screen asking you what hand you would like to learn.  You can also learn both hands at the same time but for beginners it’s easier to do one hand at a time.  After you pick a hand you are asked if you want to use Flow Mode, 50% speed, or 75% speed. Flow mode waits at each note until you play it, 50% speed plays along at 50% speed and 75% speed is similar to 50% only slower still. After you pick a mode you tap the play button and the split screen loads again.  In flow mode is uses the devices microphone to listen for you to play the proper note. The app won’t go to the next note until the proper note is played. In the other modes it’s just playing along with the song at a slower speed. The app still listens for your notes as well.

Each of the songs in the app is color coded by degree of difficulty so people of all skill levels can pick up the flowKey app and start to play with it. Beginners should stick to the green colored Easy songs.  More experienced players can go into the gold (or yellow) intermediate, red colored hard, and purple colored expert songs.


In my opinion the flowKey app is more useful for beginners than it would be for more experienced players. That being said I think players of all levels can get some use out of it. I just believe that new players will appreciate the song by song lessons because it keeps things fun and interesting. Overall I highly recommend the flowKey app for anyone looking to learn how to play the piano or keyboard. This is a five star app all the way!


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