Fennex Augmented Hearing App for iOS


Hear More! Hear Clearer! and Have Fun

So I was asked to review the Fennex Augmented Hearing App for iOS.  I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I used the app but I had a blast with it when I did.  First of all I’d like to say that I don’t currently own Apple Airpods so I used a pair of standard headphones connected to my headphone jack.  Even with that the experience was sensational.  It was so cool to be able to clearly hear things I usually don’t hear most of the time.  An example of this was while I was sitting in my loft a floor up I could clearly hear my wife having a conversation with my daughter and it was like I was sitting in the room. So fun and kinda sneaky!!

User Interface and Functionality

The first screen that loads after the user starts the app is the logo splash screen. Then after that the user is brought to the “Standard” screen where people can choose from “meeting”, “dining”, and “car” mode.  The high and log frequencies change based on what the user chooses.  Users can also turn off sound augmentation altogether as well as change from single person conversation mode to group conversation mode. Each one changes the sound just a little bit more.  Users can also adjust the volume on this screen too.

The “custom” screen allows users to customize their sound adjust compression from “none”,”amplify low”, “limit loud”, and “basic compression”.  Users can also adjust hi and low frequency as well as treble, mid and bass levels.  All of these things augment the sound even further.  There is also a three minute test to customize your unique hearing experience but you need to have Apple Airpods for it to work correctly.


Fennex is a great app that I would think would be very useful for anyone who needs to augment their hearing for any reason.  If you’re in college and want to hear better from the back of the lecture hall perhaps.  If you’re in a restaurant and want to hear the person you’re dining with better.  If you’re looking to keep things quieter you can limit loud noises and quiet down the room so you can focus. All sorts of useful ways I can thing to use this app.


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