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Keep Your Family Safe By Knowing Where They Are

One of the challenges in today’s fast paced mobile connected world is keeping your family safe when they on their mobile devices. Hackers, Scammers, and Bullies all pose a threat to those we love because they can get to them through their mobile phone. Not to mention your common everyday criminals who could be lurking around any corner.  In today’s world it helps to be able to know where your family is and what trouble they could be getting into.  So to do this mobile developers have come up with many different apps that can be used to track people through their mobile devices.  One such app is FamilyOrbit by AppOrbit. Today we are taking a look at FamilyOrbit is a little more detail and we will see if it could be the answer to your security needs.

User Interface

When you first load FamilyOrbit you are shown the tutorial this steps you through a multi-step processed that sets up your free trial and lets you add you invite your family to the app.  Once they have been added you tell FamilyOrbit if they are home. This way the app can set a GPS location for HOME for each of your family members.  This way the app can tell you when any of the family members are home or leaving home.  The tutorial also shows users Check-Ins and the tracking features available in the Premium account version.

Once past the tutorial the Family Orbit screen loads showing each of the people in the family who are connected to the Family Orbit app. From here you can go into each family members device and look at things geographical history, address book, photos, phone activity, data usage, events, apps installed, device info, and wifi logs.  You can also see their current GPS Lat and Long position as of the last time they were located.

At the bottom of the screen are 4 tabs. They are in order Family, Locate, Chat, and Alerts.  Family we have already talked about. Locate is a map showing the current location of all family members being tracked, chat is a chat screen where you can chat with each family member, and alerts shows things like geo fence alerts (arriving home, leaving home, etc…), and photos taken.


The FamilyOrbit app was functioning as expected, it was bug free and without any kind of crash incident. However there were some things about the app that I wasn’t quite happy with. One is the location tracking.  There were times when all the family members were in the same place like home or together in the car. Yet when i looked at the location screen it showed us all in three different places. This was due to the fact that the app attempts to save battery by not constantly keeping track of each person location. In order to see the latest you have to refresh the screen. This could be a bad thing if someone you were tracking was in trouble. Another problem I had was with the panic settings. The panic settings were set to call 911 if the panic button was hit. While this seems to make sense it’s a nightmare if you have a little one using the device you are tracking. All it takes is one misplaced digit and bam the police are at your door wondering why you called 911.  When I first started the app I almost called them myself!! There is a setting where you can change the number to be any number you want instead of 911 but still why not let the user set that up first instead of defaulting it. Yikes!!

Overall Usefulness

FamilyOrbit is a very useful app that offers a wide range of tracking abilities to the user. The free version is somewhat limited but the Premium version is definitely not. The premium version is $4.99 per month and allows you to track up the 10 children per device.  I love the location tracking.  My son was at band camp and it gave me a real indication of just how much walking the kid did while he was there. There were red lines all over the map because the app tracks his movements as long as he’s carrying his phone. I can also see the photos he took and any apps he’s downloaded and text messages going in and out. It’s a very useful app with a few minor annoyances in my option.

Premium Features Include the following features: 

  • Location History
  • Monitor Photos
  • Monitor Address Book
  • Monitor Calendar and Data Usage
  • Add Up to 10 family members.

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