ExtraSecure Private Encrypted Email for iOS


Private Secure Encrypted Email for Everyone

The other day I was asked to review the app ExtraSecure for iOS.  ExtraSecure is a private encrypted email service that keeps your emails secure from sender to receiver and back again, all the while keeping your same email address.  It’s currently available for iOS and soon to be available for Windows.

Graphics and Functionality

Email apps as a whole are not exactly something that you look at and say to yourself “oh cool I gotta play with that!!”.  ExtraSecure has pretty much the standard user interface of any other email app.  You have lists of emails, you have contacts, and you have buttons that allow you to send and receive emails.  However there are a few things that this app has that other apps do not.  One is the secure / non- secure toggle switch in the upper right hand corner of the screen.  Makes it so simple to switch between secure and non-secured email modes.  Another is the ability to sort your emails by contacts.  Each contacts ingoing and outgoing emails are like a file cabinet drawer with their name on it.  Groups of contacts are considered either “VIP” or “Other”.  VIP’s are people you have contacted before. Other contacts are people you have never emailed before with this app.  Emails can also be sorted by topic using the ##topic in search. Another cool thing is the ability to view all attachments sent to you.  This is very convenient. No more searching for miscellaneous emails looking for that one attachment you recalled from a year ago. Otherwise it’s pretty much any other email app in the way it looks and functions.  That’s a good thing because that means it should be fairly simple to use for anyone who has ever sent an email with their smart phone before.


Emails that are sent when the secure toggle switch is on are secured from the moment they leave your device and can only be read by someone who is also using ExtraSecure on their end. ExtraSecure uses what’s known as zero-knowledge encryption to keep your email content, your subject, as well as attachments secure before they leave your device. ExtraSecure and your email provider never know your password either. A strong 256-bit password is generated and stored on your iOS device. ExtraSecure uses encryption methods such as OpenPGP, RSA-4096, AES-256-CBC with built in FIPS-140-2 certified cryptographic modules.  ((That last sentence means nothing to me other than that fact that it sounds secure as F**K! But for those of you in the encryption field it may mean something.



In today’s world of hackers and scammers I can see that there is a need for a tool like this. I believe that anyone in doing business should use securely encrypted email services.  I also think that most people in general could use more securely encrypted email services to keep snooping eyes out of their privately shared data.  The internet is filled with stories about people and companies getting hacked and all of their private information shared online. Identity theft is a huge problem so why not be more secure.  I would say that an app like ExtraSecure is extremely useful.  Especially since it allows you to keep your current email provider. No need to change your email address either. That’s great!   So if you are looking for something to keep your private emails private then ExtraSecure just might be the iOS app for you! Check it out today!  Free trial just for installing it so why not try it out right? Go for it!

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