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I got a chance to use the app Expense Tracker 2.0 on my iPhone 6 Plus during the last couple weeks and I found it to be an excellent way to keep track of income and expenses.  There was a really nice tutorial to start me off.  I was able to input each of my individual recurring expenses as well as expenses that happened on the fly.  I was also able to input my income, set a budget, set a savings goal, and spit out reports showing my progress in achieving those goals.  There was even an automated fitness adviser to tell me when I needed to do more work.  The reports I  created using the app could be shared and even emailed to others.  There were easy to understand graphs and pie charts showing me where all my money was being spent.  It’s a really nice, easy to use, expense tracking app that I highly recommend to anyone looking to get a grasp on their personal finances. Check it out in the app store NOW!  Oh and one other thing it’s free!

For more information about Expense Tracker 2.0 check out their video walkthrough.  It will give you a complete overview of the app and all it’s functions! You will also see that it is cross compatible with the iPad  as well. One of the most convenient features of the Expense Tracker 2.0 app. Track expenses from any of your iOS devices!

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