Blueline Equipment Rental iOS App Keeps it Simple


Rent Heavy Equipment the Easy Way

One of the things about reviewing apps is you never know what kind of app you are going to be asked to review next.  A lot of times they are business apps that do office type things on the phone. Sometimes they are games and sometimes they are photo or video apps. Then there are the weird apps those are fun too.  Today I’m checking out a business app.  This one helps a company that rents things like air compressors, bull dozers, and big earthmoving vehicles rent them out to other companies looking to do some work. These are business companies that don’t want to mess around with an app that is hard to deal with.  They want to get what they need and get back to work.  That is what the Blueline Equipment Rental iOS app does extremely well.

Graphical Interface

The user interface is one of the areas where this app really shines.  After the logo screen loads and fades away you are put a beautiful mountain view screen with the companies logo, a start here button, a log in button and a skip for now and start browsing link.  One of the best things I liked was that link at the bottom.  Sometimes you don’t want to sign up right away. You want to see what a company has before wasting your time signing up in the event they don’t have what you need. I love this because it’s very business friendly. I used this link for the app because there was no need to sign up when i’m just doing a review.  After clicking the start browsing link it took me to another screen asking if I want to find equipment near me.

Once in the Rent Equipment screen I was presented with a list of Aerial, Material Handling, Earthmoving, Compaction, Vehicles, Air Compressors and Air Tools, and Generators and Lighting.  Clicking one of these links takes you into that category page. For instance I clicked on Earth Moving and saw a page with Backhoe Loaders, Wheel Loaders, Excavators, and Many More.  Clicking on vehicles lead me to a page where I could choose from Water Trucks, Utility Vehicles, and even a Dump Truck. How cool is that! It’s like ordering big Tonka Toys for Adults hahaha.

At the bottom of the page is this cool menu that when tapped opens up a circular shaped menu that has Rent, Account, Cart, Re-Order, and Locations. It’s very cool, out of the way yet extremely functional and easy to grasp conceptually. There is also a calendar where you can schedule your rentals and a location finder for locations closer to your location.


The Blueline Rental Equipment app ran flawlessly. I would say it’s almost a perfect app for this type of business. My only complaint is that there are times when I was in a screen and there didn’t seem to be a way to get back to the home menu from that screen. This was not an app problem it was more of a not understanding problem.  A few times I felt the need to close the app and restart it. But only once or twice did that happen. Otherwise the app is intuitive, works well, and does what it says it does.


The Blueline Rental Equipment app is useful for anyone looking to rent heavy equipment like bulldozers, dump trucks, giant compressors, and more. It’s not that useful for the average person looking to rent something to do yard work.  Unless it’s MAJOR yard work.


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