Bingo Bash for Android is a Winner


Hey everybody I just got a chance to check out the game “Bingo Bash” by GSN games.  It’s an online bingo game with over 4 million players, tons of levels, and they even have Wheel of Fortune bingo as well.  I played this game for a few days now and it’s just good clean fun playing bingo for free.  The graphics were nice and clean, the game mechanics worked beautifully.  Reminded me of playing video poker in vegas only it was bingo.  However I must tell you that there is NO GAMBLING of any kind going on with Bingo Bash. It’s just fun for fun’s sake.  No money to be won here.  Sorry gamblers!

One of the cool things are these Wonder Rooms where you can visit different world wonders like the Great Barrier Reef, The Colosseum, and The Great Wall of China.  So cool and it really puts a different look and feel on the screen.  They even run updates during specific seasons and add seasonal rooms for holidays.

Overall I gave this app 4 stars .  

It would have been five but to be honest Bingo isn’t the most exciting game in the world.  It’s fun but after a while it’s just bingo.  In my opinion bingo is not that addicting of a game.  Plus the fact that it’s network connected does sort of rely on the fact that you have a decent network to play it on.  ​Other than that I highly recommend it for anyone who likes bingo.

Get Bingo Bash with Wheel of Fortune in the Google Play Store Here:


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