AVG Anti-Virus for Android


AVG Antivirus was founded in 1991 and since that time they have become known to many as the preferred free Antivirus solution for computers.  It’s not a surprise that they have branched out to mobile devices.  So when I was asked to review the AVG Antivirus for Android I jumped at the chance.

When the app first loads you are presented with a Scan screen. The screen tells you when the last scan took place and if any threats where detected.  At the bottom of the screen is four buttons listed “protection”, “privacy”, performance”, and Anti-Theft.  Tapping on the protection button shows you links to update the app, wifi security, ignored threats list, and protection settings. Tapping on the Privacy section allows you to set a security pin, wipe data by category, wipe device, and go to privacy settings. There are pro options such as pin protect sensitive apps, a vault to hide your private photos, and app backup.  To use these app features you would have to upgrade to the pro app.  Tapping the Performance button shows links to the task killer, battery usage, clean junk (requires avg junk cleaner free), data usage, and storage usage. The screen also shows battery percentage left as well.  I tried tapping the anti-theft button but that wasn’t supported by this app.

Tapping the Scan buttons scans the system and shows you a scan results screen. From this screen you get to see the results of your scan, enable daily scans, turn on ad blocker (requires AVG pro), pin protect sensitive apps, kill tasks, protect private photos, promote AVG to others, and turn on auto power save to keep your battery power going longer.


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