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​Today I am writing a review of the iPhone Game App “Aqdar Smart City”. You may notice by the screen shots of this app that most of the on-screen information is in Arabic. Since I don’t speak this language I can’t really comment about the content of the app itself. However I can give a review of the apps graphics and mechanics. I also have some information from the games developer to give users an overview of what the app is all about. Here it is:

The game is as the following the person will walk in the virtual city that consists of many things: police station, hospital, mosque, metro building, military office building, virtual school (that consists of different lectures classrooms) so the person will pass in the city and collect many coins as he can, each coin gives him information in different subjects such as general information, history, math, about the country, in religion, extra. Each information collected by coins are stored in his notebook (which he can check at any time). Also the person can get more information through treasures, where he can see videos and get more information.”

Another bit of information about the app from the developer is this:

“Also he can go to every building and see videos related to each building…After collecting as much information as possible, he can go to the dome of knowledge, where he tests his knowledge. There are about 45 levels, and each level have 10 questions. In order to get to the second level, he should pass the previous level, and have some amount of coins and videos watched.”

aqbar smart city iphone app review

So based on this statement and the one before it I can tell you that this app is definitely what I would consider a game as well as an educational app. So now that you have an idea what kind of app this is I will tell you about the graphics and mechanics.

The graphics on “Aqdar Smart City” are on par with the type of graphics you would find in a virtual world type app like Grand Theft Auto 3. The world is detailed, extremely well planned out, and looks great even on the iPhones small screen. I imagine on an iPad with Retina display it’s even better. When a player is standing by water it looks like water, textures look like realistic textures. It’s clear the people who developed this app wanted to make sure it looked great and I feel they have succeeded. It looks GREAT!

The mechanics of the app are similar to many 3D touch screen apps. Users control the movement with their left thumb and control direction with their right thumb. There is a jump button and a run/walk toggle button. Users can enter buildings as well. It’s pretty simple to understand and I feel anyone can pick up this app and play it.

Overall as far as graphics and mechanics go I give this app 4 stars. I would give it five but think its hard for me to give an app five stars when I don’t know that much about it based on a language barrier. But if you can read Arabic I would say go try it for yourself and see what you think.

aqbar smart city iphone app review

Available in the iTunes App Store Now:

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