Any Video Converter HD Pro is All You Need


Video Converter and MP3 Converter All In One

Today I am tasked with reviewing the Mac App “Any Video Converter HD Pro” for my website.  Let me tell you first off that this was one of the easier apps I have had the pleasure of reviewing in all the apps I have ever reviewed.  Why you ask?  This app just works! It’s simple to use, extremely well done, and it just works.


How it works

First you run the app.  When the screen pops up you see a large space that says “Drop Your Media Files Here” is large easy to read white letters. So I had a Quicktime movie all set to convert it and I dropped the file in the box like it said.  Then you have to choose your format. They have pictures to show you each of the more common format types.  So simple to use.  I chose my format, chose my output folder and hit the “convert” button.  That’s it…all there is to it. No muss no fuss.  My file converted from .MOV to .MP4 in a few minutes and I was done. Anyone even a small child can use this program.

I highly recommend this program to anyone who does file converting on a regular basis.  It’s a piece of cake to work with and it only costs your 10 bucks! $9.99 to be exact but I like to round-up and keep it simple!


Get it in the Mac App Store Today: Any Video Converter HD Pro

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