Adventure Capitalist Plays Off The Greed In All Of Us


Oh the Greed! Oh the FUN!

main game screen

Adventure Capitalist Main Screen

Adventure Capitalist is an entrepreneurs fantasy game.  It starts you off with a single lemonade stand and from there you have to build a corporate empire! The goal of the game is to earn great wealth by building up one business then buying another, and another, and another….you get the point.  Then the angel investors come calling and you have to sell your shares and START ALL OVER!  Sounds crazy I know but trust me its worth it.  Because the more investors you have, the more money you make.  Each investor is worth a 2% boost.  After some upgrades and longer game play you can get those investors up to a 30% boost! When that happens it really gets crazy.  Currently I am a “Quatturorquadragintillionaire”.  Have you ever heard of someone making that much money in really life? NO! But in this game it’s not only possible it’s relatively easy as long as you don’t stop playing, selling your shares, and restarting.  I’ve done this so many times I can’t even count.

This game struck a nerve with me.  It hit me right square in my “GREED CENTER”.  As an entrepreneur I love to earn money myself.  I run this website as a business, I run a part time DJ business as well.  This game took my business spirit and made a game out of it.  I love the idea of building it up and selling it all for some tall cash.  Then building up something else and doing it all over again.  This game has that feel to it.  Some people may find the repetitive nature of the game boring but I know several people who just love seeing how much money they have earned when they wake up in the morning.  Oh yeah I forgot to mention that even when you are not playing this game it plays without you.  It’s 24/7 and 7 days a week game play.  So the money never stops rolling in.  If only I could have a business that gave me this kind of return.  I might not even be here writing this review. I might be on a beach someplace writing it instead. LOL.

Game Mechanics and Appearance​

Adventure Capitalist is an easy, yet repetitive game to play.  You simply press buttons to buy businesses, add angel investors, and buy upgrades.  You do this ALOT! The user interface is pleasant but nothing amazing.  You don’t need amazing graphics when you’re counting up your riches.  The only strategy I can give you is this.  In the beginning try to buy more of the expensive businesses first.  They pay the most money and then you can buy more of the other businesses later.  Also always sell your shares and restart with more angel investors than you currently have.  I usually wait until I have at least double my current amount of investors before I sell them.  And lastly don’t stop playing.  But even if you do take a break for a while the game never stops so it won’t hurt that much when you return. You’ll just have more money and more angel investors attracted to your business. So it’s all good either way.  Oh and one last thing.  Remember to join the game forum that is linked to the game.  It pays a nice added 5% bonus to your angels.

Overall I would give this app 5 stars on it’s addictiveness alone.  I can’t stop playing it.  Something about always seeing my game bank account go up makes me want to keep playing it.  However there are some things I would like to see.  Easier “auto-purchasing” options.  Buying 100 businesses at a time is nice but how about a “buy all you can afford right now” button.  Or how about a way to save your current business selections and then automatically have that same setup once your “restart” with new angel investors.  The repetitive nature of the game might turn players off I’m thinking.  Other than that I love to play this game and I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon! ​

Rating 5 Stars!

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