Five iPhone Apps To Try This Week


We are starting a new feature and we are calling it. iPhone App Discoveries of the Week. A feature that showcases several apps we discovered sometime this week. They may or may not have come out this week but they are definitely new to us.

Armed Combat

This game is a side scrolling shooter where you play a military guy who is in combat. Your mission is to keep moving to the right, killing as many of the enemies as you can and preventing yourself from getting killed in the process.

When the game starts you have a choice of single or multiplayer mode. I am choosing single player because unless you have people to play with you, you’re better off playing the single player campaign. Once you pick the mode it offers you a chance to pick weapons. The weapons are ones you have unlocked or are default offers when the game starts. Once you pick the guns you enter the game and combat starts.

The sounds of the game are excellent. Bullets, explosions, and even the wind sounds are realistic and awesome. Graphics of this game are really nice too. Textures, layouts,and blood are all very realistic and great to look at. The one criticism I have is the controls. The controls are rough to use. Aiming the gun can be difficult at times. Sometimes there are so many enemies shooting at you that it just becomes impossible to move forward. The developers did a really nice job with this app but I just wish those controls were easier to use. I also wish you could simply run over a gun to pick it up rather than have to tap it. Stopping to tap the gun sometimes puts your character at risk in the fighting. I also think that guns acquired shouldn’t automatically be used. If someone is doing well enough with one weapon why automatically set their current weapon to the latest gun you picked up? Why not let the player select it when they want to.

Other than control issues and a few minor annoyances I think this game is awesome. If the developer made it just a little easier to play and control i would give this game five stars, but for right now I’m giving it:

Four Stars .

Armed combat is free in the app store and at that price is always worth a try! You can’t lose!


Plumbs is a block puzzle game where players stack blocks with the goal of stacking the right blocks in the preset pattern for the level they are on. However the blocks don’t always come out in the order and color you want. There are two play modes is this game. Level mode and High Score.

In Level mode the goal is for the player to stack blocks in a set pattern to solve each level.

In high score mode players try to stack as many blocks as they can to earn points before the blocks stack up too high and get crushed by Dozer.

The app is family friendly and safe for people of any age.

The graphics on this game are bright, cheerful, and colorful. The blocks are fun little smiley faced blocks that are fun to look at. Puzzle games are all over the app store and I see lots of them as a reviewer. Most of the time one puzzler is the same as the next but this one involves a little bit more strategy than some of the games I have played. It is nice change from the usual match 3 items to clear the block type apps.

Plumbs is 99 cents in the app store and well worth the app price! I give it five stars for it’s unique game play, easiness to play, and friendly and fun graphics. Definitely check this one out this week!

Five stars
Link to app:


Selfies are more popular ever these days. So much so that now app developers are making apps designed to create better selfies. One such app is SelfieX. It’s an automatic back camera selfie app for the iPhone. One of the problems with taking a selfie is the front facing camera isn’t as good as the back camera. Usually the resolution is better on the back camera because that’s the one most people take other photos and video with. People don’t usually use the back camera for selfies because it’s hard to know when you’re face is lined up properly for the photo. SelfieX recognizes your face automatically and it tells you when to move the camera left, right, up or down so you take the perfect selfie w/o having to see the screen. The app has vibration and sound to let you know when a photo is taken and when to move the camera for the best possible photo. Users can also share photos to social media as well.

I’ve personally tested this app out about 10 times and haven’t had one bad selfie yet. Okay except for the fact that it’s my big mug in the photo but eh we can’t all be Brad Pitt. I give this app five stars for facial recognition ability alone.

Five Stars

Bubble Heroes

Bubble heroes is a puzzler where you setup groups of bubbles of the same color and when you do they pop. Any bubbles attached beneath the popped bubbles also pops as you play. Players must clear all the bubbles before they run out of moves.

The graphics are clean, colorful and easy to understand. This game has a social media aspect to it just like similar games such as candy crush do. You connect to your Facebook, play the levels, and when you run out of turns you can turn to Facebook to get more plays. Players can also see what level other Facebook friends are on so there is an aspect of competitiveness to the game as well. Players win gold coins which can be used to purchase power ups to help players finish levels as they go along. Power ups like a Rainbow Bubble to pop bubbles of any color or a lava bubble to pop any bubble it comes into direct contact with are unlocked and available at the start of each game. After that other power ups are unlocked as players level up. Gold coins can also be purchased through an in app purchase in denominations of 12 for 99 cents all the way up to 780 gold coins for $49.99.

The map (aka levels) screen looks great and works in the way other apps of this genre do. Each level is unlocked as you complete the one before it. Players can scroll down and see that there are 235 levels to play at this time with more coming soon so there’s no risk of running out of fun anytime soon.

I give this app five stars for it’s fun graphics, great gameplay, and family friendliness.

LikeThat Garden

The winter has ended and spring time is here. Have you ever looked at a plant or flower and wondered what kind it was? Now there’s an app for that! Simply walk up, snap a picture, and the app scans it’s database to give you the information about the plant you just took a picture of. In fact that app works so well that you don’t even need to take a picture of a real plant. You can take a picture of a photo of a flower and it will identify that as well. I’m doing it now in this video demonstration.

I’m no florist and I don’t really get into flowers all that much but I do think it’s cool that if I’m walking down the street with my little girl and she asks me what kind of flower or plant is growing in the ground I can walk up to it, take a picture, and poof tell her exactly what that is. It’s fun, it’s really easy to use, and it’s educational. I imagine this would be something someone who deals with flowers would like to have on their phone. I can also see how a teacher or a student who’s doing something with plants would like this. Maybe even someone who’s doing research in the rain forest or some other jungle might like to know what the plant is they just looked at and if it’s poisonous? How about campers who are walking around the woods. Might be handy to know if you’re hiking through a field of poison ivy now wouldn’t it?

Yes this app is awesome and not only that it might just keep you from getting sick! You definitely should get this app in the app store today!

Rating Five Stars


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