Five Extremely Useful iPhone Apps You Should Have


Photo Power

IMG_0643Photo too big? You have the Power! The iPhone app “Photo Power” is a simple and easy to your photo editing app that does one thing really well, it re-sizes photos!  Users simply load the app, open up a photo from their camera roll, click edit, and choose the size option that best suits their needs.  Bloggers will get great use out of this app based on that fact alone.  People who share photos with others through email will enjoy the ability to share photos that are a reasonable size.  Not everyone needs a giant, hi-res image all the time.  If this was all it did it would be a really nice, simple, and useful app.  But it’s not.  After you re-size your image you can then edit it with crop tools, color adjustment tools, bokeh tool to blur out background noise, red eye removal, and even HDR effects. Combine these all and you have one extremely useful photo editor.  That why I added to this list of useful iPhone apps.





IMG_0652Building up a presence on social media is sometimes a daunting task. When you start out on Twitter with zero followers it seems like you are never going to be able to grow your following to a size that is large enough to need to “manage” it. But if you work at it consistently, before you know it you will have a large list of followers you need to manage. This is where the app “Crowdfire” comes in handy. When the app first loads it asks you to connect your twitter account. Soon the twitter account is connected the app goes to work! What it does comes in very handy. Finding non-followers is one of the best things it does. You don’t want a feed loaded with non-followers that you personally follow. Kind of hard to get any kind of interaction that way. Crowdfire also shows you recent unfollowers and recent followers too. One of the things I like is it also shows my the inactive people I am following. If you are following someone who hasn’t tweeted for six months or a year do you really need to follow them? Looking to grow your twitter feed? There’s no better way than following the followers of someone else who is also in your niche. If you sell car parts and you follow the followers of someone else who sells car parts that’s a good thing because they immediately become aware of you and maybe they’ll do some business with you too. There are more features in the Crowdfire app but I’ll let you download it yourself to find out more.




Taking a trip to another country? Don’t speak the language? That’s ok there is an app for that now. That apps name is called “myInterpreter – Translator with Photo Recognition and Dictionary”. This app has a ton of useful features. Some of them include:

80 different languages
Image recognition and OCR (recognize works in an image).
Voice output with over 100 voices to choose from
Multiple translations
and so much more…
The coolest part is when you have this app on your phone you don’t have to be afraid of talking to anyone in any language. Simply talk into the phone, translate it to the correct language, and out comes the words in the language of your choice. It’s a terrifically easy app to learn and it’s very useful.



tempImage 3If you have a library card and like to read books in a digital format or listen to audio books then you might want to download the free app “OverDrive”. Once you do you can search for your library inside the app and if it’s there you can now borrow audio books and ebooks completely free on a two-week basis. How cool is that? Books are sorted in groups of eBook Fiction, eBook Nonfiction, Audiobook Fiction, Audiobook Nonfiction and lastly Children & Teens. After you find a book you want there’s an icon on it to tell you if it’s immediately available or not. If it’s not you can put a hold on it just like you would at the library. If it is available you can borrow it for two weeks. Great thing is books are automatically returned so there is never any worry about late fees! If nobody has a hold on that book and you want to renew it there will be an option for renewal that pops up about three days before it’s due. Now you can get your reading in and have fun with your iPhone at the same time! Love it!


tempImage 7If you have videos on your phone would you ever want to make photos from them? I know that I have wanted to do that exact thing many times after I’m done watching a video I just shot. I’ve thought to myself I would love to take a freeze frame of a particular shot and make it into a photo. In the app store there are several apps that do this but I’ve encountered none that give you the simplicity and control like Taplet. Here’s the steps to video-photo success using Taplet:

Select video to watch
As it’s playing tap the screen to create a photo. Do this as many times as you want!
Tap the arrow showing how many photos you’ve created.
Choose what to do with the photos such as download, delete, or share them to social media
It’s just that simple! The great thing is you pick the moment the photo is created. There is no algorithm choosing photos for you. You have all the control.

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