Microgaming Launches Official Windows Phone App

The mobile gaming market is dominated by the two biggest platforms available today - Android and iPhone OS - with developers focusing primarily on these two operating systems, and most of the times ignoring all other players on the market. Still, Windows Phone has a notable market share of about 3% in the US and about 8% in major European countries like Germany and the UK (and even bigger in some of the major developing markets like India and Russia). This market share means millions of users, hardly something to ignore.

Microgaming, one of the biggest real money online gaming software developers of the iGaming industry, has decided it was time to recognize the need of Windows Phone users for access to its products, and has finally launched its first native app for this operating system. The app is only used by a single gaming outlet at this moment - Jackpot City - but it will most likely be picked up by other operators as well. According to the press release published by the developer, the app was built using native code and user interface components, and is available for any Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 device.

The app itself offers more than some other developers have in their mobile offering, even if it's more limited than Microgaming's iOS and Android products: users can play online pokies, table games and other games on their Windows Phone powered mobile device, wherever they are. The app installs quickly and easily, does not take up too much space, while being very responsive on a Lumia 620 (the device I tested it on). According to Microgaming, the app has every feature to make it compatible for Microsoft's future update to Windows 10.​

"We follow mobile developments very closely and recent statistics show that the Windows Phone market share is increasing significantly across many European countries," Microgaming representative John Quinn said. "With this in mind, we believe that Microsoft’s mobile platform is an important one to invest in." "This app, created by Microgaming, is the perfect gaming stage for our players with Windows Phones," a Jackpot City representative told the press. "It is feature rich, with a plethora of Microgaming’s first-class games, whilst also being incredibly user-friendly and reliable."

Although some consider Windows Phone to be a big loser on the smartphone market, Microsoft does not see its end just yet. Although it has seemingly abandoned its users, releasing its new and updated apps on its competitors' operating systems, it has big plans for the next generation of its operating system - Windows 10 - which will run on all Microsoft-powered devices, from desktop computers to smartphones and tablets. Us, Windows Phone users, only have a few months until the new operating system will be released...​

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