Pixit is a Fun, Image Filled Chat Experience

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Pixit is a new messaging service centered around using GIFs in normal conversations. The app is aimed to provide a smashingly fun chatting experience filled with GIFs and laughs. Today people no longer communicate strictly through text, but increasingly use media to talk to each other. As Tumblr and buzzfeed have shown us, GIF, despite being nearly three decades old, is still among the most popular media formats used for creative expression.

​Pixit uses sophisticated algorithms to seamlessly suggest awesome GIFs to you as you type your messages. It also gives an incredibly easy way to search for more gifs by letting you click on any word or words in your message. Now you no longer need to switch apps to get to your collection of favorite GIFs or navigate through a huge list of meaningless stickers. With just one tap any and every message can be animated with an awesome GIF to make your conversations unforgettable.

​Yes, messaging is a super crowded space. Yet everyone is focused on making you produce even more content instead of navigating the vast amounts of media already created by others. We focused on making media a part of the conversation as seamless as smiles or emoji are today. We’ve created an experience which is a mix between reading a buzzfeed article and laughing at it with friends,” says Alex, the “Chief Talker” at Pixit.

Pixit is available on Android and iOS from in order to let as many people as possible use the app from day one.​

Why they created Pixit?

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They were always mesmerized by how creative people get when communicating their ideas and emotions to each other. The myriad of messaging apps mostly help you communicate what you already know how or force you to be creative with a camera. But they started thinking. What if what you wanted to communicate is not something that can be expressed with text, nor something you could quickly capture? Like that forced-laugh feeling you get when the teacher starts your 8am class with a "refreshing joke". Expressing your feelings to capture moments like that was what got them into creating Pixit.

​Pixit is about communicating emotion. Not the boring "xoxos" and ":)s", but the real, intricate emotion that text can hardly convey. That slightly-satirical-borderline-evil-yet-charming smile that only one actor is capable of pulling. Of course you can't express it with words, yet this is exactly how you feel right.

Pixit is about having fun. Not the kind of fun when you aimlessly browse youtube channels for something to rescue you from boredom. The real fun you have when that gif you just sent so perfectly embraces the moment nobody would be able to keep a straight face looking at it.​

Lastly, Pixit is about sharing laughs with your crazy friends. The only people who know you enough to understand why you send the dramatic chipmunk anytime someone mentions oreos cookies. These are your “inside joke” moments which make your connections so much tighter.​

They can't imagine a better way to communicate and have fun at the same time.  They are super excited about the app and can't wait to hear your feedback.​

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Here's where you can find Pixit: 

​iPhone app link: iTunes App Store

Android app link: Google Play Store

To contact the developers you can find them at there website http://pixit.im or follow them on there Twitter page as @hipixit

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