• Five Wacky iPhone Apps You Didn’t Know About

    Yes it’s a weird and wacky app store out there! The other day I saw an ad about an app that I thought was weird.  It made me think to myself what other weird apps are out there in the app store that people may not know about.  Apps that someone took the time to […]

  • iOS 8.3 Gives Users 300 New Emoji’s…Sort of!

    Diversification is the Name Of The Game So today Apple came out with iOS 8.3 and besides a bunch of bug fixes and stability issues it all gave users a set of new Emoji’s  I’m not sure what the deal is with Apple putting Emoji’s in it’s operating system but overall I think it’s pretty […]

  • Solitaire TriPeaks is Fantastic Fun

    Card Playing Fun For All Solitaire TriPeaks is a phenomenal app for Android and iOS that takes the game of Solitaire and really kicks it up a notch or two.  It’s not just about cards.  There are great levels to play, bonuses to win, coins you can buy, and more being added all the time. […]

  • Hidden Egg Hunt is an Easter Egg Hunt on your iPhone

    Since today is Easter I thought it was appropriate to find a cool Easter app to help celebrate the holiday.  What better way to celebrate Easter than with a good old fashioned egg hunt.  Okay this is more like the egg hunt of the future.  The eggs and the hunt are all digital.  But it’s […]

  • Waze Traffic App Celebrates Easter With An Egg Hunt

    Find Those Eggs The people who created the traffic app Waze decided to do it up right for this Easter with a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt.  Okay not exactly an old fashioned one.  A more modern one that is incorporated into the traffic apps maps.  It works something like this…Users using the app […]

  • Bingo Bash for Android is a Winner

    Hey everybody I just got a chance to check out the game “Bingo Bash” by GSN games.  It’s an online bingo game with over 4 million players, tons of levels, and they even have Wheel of Fortune bingo as well.  I played this game for a few days now and it’s just good clean fun […]

  • Product Review – iClever Bluetooth Speaker and iClever 6 Port Wall Travel Charger

    iClever Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Today I’m going to review two products in one review.  The company iClever so generously donated one of their bluetooth wireless speakers to the app review zone and as a bonus they sent us a 6 port wall travel charger to review as well.  So first thank you to iClever for […]

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