Shuffler Game Mini App Review

Shuffler Game is Fun Old School Puzzle Fun

mini review

The Shuffler Game is an iPhone game that reminds me of those old school tile games where there was a square filled with little tiles and one tile missing.  To play the user moves the tiles around and tries to get them in order.  This game has a bunch of different games in it and it definitely has games like that.  It also has other style games that all are of a similar theme.  It's a great game with a lot of options but it is quite challenging to say the least.  The first game is the easiest.  Users just move the messed up tiles around until they are in the proper order.  After that the games and the levels get harder.  People who like puzzles will really enjoy playing this app.  That being said it can be frustrating at times so don't be surprised if the app bothers some people and especially kids from time to time.  It looks great and it is well written as no bugs or glitches were seen when I ran the app.  Plus the app is priced right at 99 cents.  Thats less than a cup of coffee at most places.  Go check it out today! 

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