Pass Dots You Might Want to Pass

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Uhh I don't get it?

Sometimes apps designed with good intentions just aren't as good as they look like they would be.  This is the case with the app Pass Dots by Mediaforce Limited.  When I first downloaded it it looked like it would be a cool puzzle app that would be challenging and fun.  Instead it was a cool looking puzzle game that didn't perform as expected and as a result was not fun at all.

The Good

First I'll give you the good news. This game is cool looking. The graphics aren't fancy but they are colorful and for a puzzle game look like it would be a fun game to play on the iPhone or iPad.  It's played on an all black background and there are colored dots on the screen arranged in different ways for each level.  The user draws on the screen and this creates a white down with a purple tail that moves in the direction you move you finger when you draw.  It's simple and new age looking and I really wanted it to be fun.  But it was not to be.

The Bad

The game play is a major problem in Pass Dots.  First of all there really isn't any tutorial to tell you want to do when you play.  I hate this because it leaves the user guessing right from the beginning of the game and that sucks.  If all developers added a tutorial to their games life would be a much nicer place. Secondly the game is supposed to be draw line through the colored dots, avoiding the white ones. However when i draw it only lets me draw once and the one time I draw it creates a white dot with a tail that bounces all over the screen.  Eventually it hits the colored ball or the white one and the game goes on to the next level.  Some of the levels say "Try drawing a half circle".  This would be great but when i try to draw a half circle the game just starts creating that white dot with a tail before i can even finish the half circle.  I've tried it several times and each time no luck.  Sometimes I try to draw and nothing happens.  It's frustrating and makes me think I'm doing something wrong.  I can't be sure though because I actually don't know how to play the game since no tutorial was provided.  Ugh! 

The overall picture on this app is it could be good but right now I can't recommend it based on the fact that it just doesn't run well.