Ninflated iPhone App Review Left Me Somewhat Deflated

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The graphics were good and had a feel of a game that was created by a larger development company. The art looked nice, the text was well done and spaced well, and the screens all work very nicely together.  I felt the font reminded me of the font from Fruit Ninja but that's where the similarities between the two games end.

The iPhone game Ninflated is a top down scrolling app where users are asked to move their character from left to right to avoid hitting the obstacles and certain death.  You scroll your character in one of two ways, swiping or tapping.  You have to swipe on certain parts and tap on other parts.  If you see an arrow you swipe and if you see a circle button you tap.  This fact alone makes the game challenging enough.  When you throw in the narrow passages and the speed of the scroll it gets even more frustrating.  Another factor added into the mix is users can die by scrolling to far to the left or the right because there is no wall on either side.  You can literally scroll your character off the screen and end the game that way too.  It's a simple, yet frustratingly annoying game to play.  

Overall I gave the game three stars because while it looks nice and seems to be very well done, the game itself was not that fun to play.  This is one of those games that I would play, get annoyed, and probably not play again.  Some folks might like these apps but I truly can't stand playing them because they are so annoying to play.  

To see the game play itself check out the video below:

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