Product Review – iClever Bluetooth Speaker and iClever 6 Port Wall Travel Charger

iClever Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Today I'm going to review two products in one review.  The company iClever so generously donated one of their bluetooth wireless speakers to the app review zone and as a bonus they sent us a 6 port wall travel charger to review as well.  So first thank you to iClever for the gear.  We always appreciate it when companies send us products to review and we will definitely tell you all about them.  

The iClever Bluetooth Wireless speaker is really a nice little piece of hardware.  It's made of metal, not plastic, so it feels nice when you hold it in your hand. It was actually heavier than I thought it would be when I first saw it.  It's battery holds charge for a long long time, and the most important plays music beautifully.  ​The sound is nice, with not too much bass.  Honestly I wouldn't expect a lot of bass out of something this small anyways.  By small I mean around 2.5"H x 2"W x 2"D.  It's almost a cube but it's not quite that square.   See the video review to hear more about this great little speaker.  I gave it 5 stars! 

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​iClever 6 Port Wall Travel Charger

The bonus was this awesome 6 port wall charger.  It has six 5V/2.4A charging ports, a removable power cord, and it plugs into any 120V outlet (sorry European readers).  I charged my phone with it many times in the last few weeks without any trouble.  It was very convenient to be able to charge multiple items at the same time so nice!  It's black, feels good to the touch, has a non-slip grip surface on it.  Almost feels rubberized.  I also gave this charger 5 stars and you can see the video for more about that as well.  It says fast charge with SmartID technology but I'm not sure what this means exactly.  All I know is I tried it and my phone is still working just fine.  I can't vouch for anyone else's device but if you get this device make sure  you verify if your device can handle fast charging charge systems.  

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KeyProp iPhone Stand

From time to time I’m asked to review mobile phone related products and accessories.  I like this because it gives me a chance to try out some great phone related gear and it’s a nice change of pace from the apps I usually review.  So the item I am reviewing this time is the “Keyprop” […]

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